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Virtual Business

Max’s business, LP, was launched in June 2016. The business sells pallets of general merchandise from the WM store through a Facebook group with over 9,000 members. Customers pick up their purchased pallets from Max’s yard.

Sourcing Problem

LP is Max’s first liquidation business. When he started doing research before launching the Facebook group, he was looking for a reseller that liquidates goods specifically from the WM store. The idea was to get popular, latest merchandise at low prices that is easy to resell.

Max wasn’t interested in repackaging pallets, or sorting through the goods purchased before offering them for sale to his customers. It would have added a lot of unnecessary costs to the bottom line of the operation. He was looking for a seller to deliver pallets to his private yard that he could resell as-is.

Since pallets are heavy and expensive to ship, Max also wanted to find a supplier that could minimize his shipping expenses.


“I started doing research of other sellers, and came across Via Trading,” commented Max. “Logistically, Via Trading was the best supplier for me, because I could order from them, and get loads shipped from WM’s facility in North Las Vegas. We are in the same city as WM’s originating merchandise, so there is minimal transportation cost.”

By working with Via Trading, Max was able to make his business model work the way he envisioned. “The pallets are delivered to our private yard. We post pictures, with prices attached, on our Facebook page. Once sold, the pallets are picked up by customers from our yard.”

LP is mostly a virtual business, with most transactions completed over the Internet. Although Max once visited Via Trading’s warehouse, he prefers to place his orders online, and get pallets shipped to his yard from WM’s local facility.

In addition to the types of goods offered, and the convenience of virtual shopping, Max also enjoys working with Via Trading because of their great customer service. “Our rep, Adan, is very easy to work with,” said Max. “He is nothing short of a rock star.” Although his business is only a few months old, it has already enabled Max to turn a profit.

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