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Community Outreach

Via Trading is active in the Greater Los Angeles community participating in local events, donating to local charities and partnering with community organizations. Please review some our Community Outreach activities below. For donations to a local organization or to invite Via Trading to participate in a Los Angeles event, please email sales@viatrading.com. Beneficiaries must be recognized in the State of California as a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization and be able to provide paperwork to that effect.


  • Schools
  • Homeless shelters
  • Ministries and Church organizations
  • Women’s shelters
  • Organizations for underprivileged children
  • Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers
  • Halfway houses
  • Teen programs
Image of LCOC Mother's Day Lunch
LCOC Mother's Day Lunch (2012)

Via Trading attended the LA Community Outreach Center's Mother's Day Lunch, put together by the shelter's volunteer director, residents and volunteers.

Image of Foster Care Counts
Foster Care Counts (2016)

Foster Care Counts is comprised of concerned volunteers who believe foster youth deserve more attention and support from our community.

Image of The Watts Life Lane Project - Via Trading Community Outreach
The Watts Life Lanes Project Hot Meals & Toy Drive (2011)

Via Trading participated in a community event in our local area of Watts, to bring a hot meal and toys to the disadvantaged families of the area.

Image of Walden House Christmas - Via Trading Community Outreach
Walden House Christmas (2010)

Via Trading set at Walden House a sort of West Coast outpost for Santa, filled with games, puzzles, books, clothing and other items.

Image of Community Outreach El Grito Project - Via Trading Wholesale Company
Community Event: El Grito (2008)

Via Trading gives back at the community with various outreach projects including donations and event sponsorship (El Grito) in Los Angeles.

Image of Women of Watts (2018)
Women of Watts (2018)

We appreciate all the volunteers, partners and sponsors who assist us year after year. We thank Via Trading for providing toys to give along the route in our 2018 event.

Image of Mexico Mission Trip (2018)
Mexico Mission Trip (2018)

We distributed the toys which brought the biggest smiles to their faces.Thank you Via Trading! May God bless you and bless Via Trading!

Image of Project Hope (2018)
Project Hope (2018)

This year, 2018. Via Trading helped us by discounting two pallets of quality shoes by 25%. We were happy with them.

Image of Old School New School Foundation (2018)
Old School New School Foundation (2018)

Hi Via Staff, Thank you for helping us with your donation of a pallet of school supply folders and notebooks when we needed them the most and in such short time frame.

Image of The Place of Grace (2017)
The Place of Grace (2017)

The Place of Grace offers a time of ministry that includes free clothing, food personal hygiene items and a healthy sack lunch

Image of Love Peace & Happiness Toy Drive (2017)
Love Peace & Happiness Toy Drive (2017)

Everyone loves to see a child on Christmas morning, the pure innocence on their faces as they rip open the wrapping paper, smiling ear to ear in pure bliss.

Image of Force of Hope (2017)
Force of Hope (2017)

The Force of Hope is dedicated to distributing free food, clothing and toiletries, as well as providing hot meals to hundreds of people in the Los Angeles area

Image of Big Sunday (2017)
Big Sunday (2017)

Via Trading made a generous contribution of inflatable mattress, which provided a place to comfortably rest for veterans and other individuals transi...

Image of Women of Watts (2017)
Women of Watts (2017)

Via Trading was honored to be able to play a small role in the event by donating pallets of Toys, Bedding & General Merchandise.

Image of Victory Outreach (2016)
Victory Outreach (2016)

Via Trading donated a couple hundred toys to Victory Outreach for their event in December. The toys were then given away to children around Huntington Park

Image of Support Solutions LA (2016)
Support Solutions LA (2016)

Through the community service Support Solutions, Via Trading donated boots to LA's homeless for winter this December 2016.

Image of Via Trading Service Day (2014)
Via Trading Service Day (2014)

Via Trading participated in a company-wide community service day. In collaboration with the Volunteer LA organization and Markham Middle School in Compton.

Image of Youth Activities League Christmas Party
Century Station Sheriffs Youth Activities League Christmas Party (2013)

Via Trading had the privilege of participating in the Century Station's chapter of the Los Angeles Youth Foundation's Christmas celebration.

Image of Goals Soccer Tournament (2012)
Goals Soccer Tournament Sponsorship (2012)

Via Trading partnered with Goals Soccer Centers in sponsorship of their local annual Goals Soccer Championship in a Community Outreach event.

Image of School Donation Project
School Donation Project (2012)

In September 2012, Via Trading partnered with the LA Unified School District to provide several thousand pairs of arts and crafts scissors to schools.

Image of Bringing Shoes to the Union Rescue Mission
Bringing Shoes to the Union Rescue Mission (2012)

Via Trading partnered with the Force of Hope/Bishop Clarence E. McClendon Ministries to bring over 200 pairs of shoes to the homeless population of Skid Row in Los Angeles

Image of The Shoe Crew Gala
The Shoe Crew Gala (2012)

Via Trading partnered with The Shoe Crew in their efforts to collect and donate much needed new athletic shoes to underprivileged kids in LA.

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