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Money Equals Fun!

Our world today revolves around social media. From food snaps to video tutorials on how to cook, fix a car and even resell merchandise. Social Media doesn't discriminate and caters to absolutely everyone regardless of your age, culture, or taste.

It's been reported that there's over 4.7 billion social media users around the world which equated to a whopping 59% of the total global population. 59%!

That statistic alone goes to show that social media isn't one size fits all and there's something for everybody, meaning that whatever business you have and whatever you're selling, there's a customer base for on social media that you may not have tapped into yet.

Social media is doing to traditional marketing what TV did to Radio & what the MP3 and our phones did to CD's. On that note, ask yourself “am I growing and moving forward with the times or am I being left behind like a CD?”

While you reflect, here are 4 tips that'll support you in keeping up with the ever-evolving world of social media for your business.

  • Get on social media, all platforms! Not for you, for your business. Just because you're not a consumer of social media and perhaps think Tik Tok videos aren't for you, doesn't mean that it's not for your customers. What are you waiting for, get on our phone, go to the app store and download: Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube & Twitter.
  • Put yourself in your customer shoes, create a list of questions you think they'd have and answer them either in video or text format depending on the platform. Here's a hint within a hint, you've heard of viral videos, not of viral texts or pics… well, except for that banana picture of course. So grab our phone, press record and start answering those questions.
  • Get out of your comfort zone and swat those limiting beliefs away. “I'm shy”, “I don't look good on video”, “I'm not a good storyteller”, “I'm not tech savvy”. Stop right there! The more you tell yourself these things, the more you'll believe them. Go back to the second tip and literally press record. Everybody starts from level 0 so the sooner you start, the sooner you'll get to level 25 and become a pro.
  • Get personal with your audience. Shout them out, build relationships and more important, be authentically you. This will create brand loyalty, trust and allow your customers to know you, the real you incentivizing them in following, liking, sharing, commenting and ultimately, buying what you're selling. Don't stop there, request their feedback, ask them what they're looking for and build a community for your business accessible at your fingertips.

These are 4 tips to start with and they're really just the beginning.

Keep on growing and stretching yourself, get uncomfortable, learn something new and put yourself out there because the more you put yourself and your products out there, the more eyeballs you'll get on it ultimately resulting in higher sales. Visit other social media “stores”, discount stores, auction houses, flea markets, swap meets and more to get ideas and see what other businesses are doing that could potentially work for you. Now, we're not saying go steal someone else's ideas, but you can recycle them and make it your own, after all, isn't that what modern music and movies are?

In short, put yourself out there, post and keep posting and let social media work its magic.

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Happy selling and remember to bookmark this page to keep it handy.

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