Our Website

Thank you for visiting. We are always looking to enhance our website and available features and love to get feedback to help us improve. So if something not quite right – or you are having trouble achieving your objective – please do let us know at feedback@viatrading.com and our team will be right on it.  Other than the basic features such as online registration, ordering, search and product filtering, we have a few things we would like to point out:

Online Event Registration

Register for our monthly events online! Simply click on the event of your choice from our events page, log in to your account if you haven’t already, and register for the event with one click!

Once you see the confirmation page, you are all set. Just bring yourself, a method of payment to the event and get ready for some deals!

Pre-registering isn’t a pre-requisite to attend – but it will definitely save you some time “checking in” to the event and streamline your way in.


At Via Trading we love to keep you informed. In case it gets too much just let us know or edit your notification preferences. We send various types of emails & you can select to receive all, some or none. Customers who opted in to receive emails at the time of registration will automatically be subscribed to all 3 email types above.

Customers subscribed to any of our eMail Lists will also occasionally receive News & Holiday eMails regarding closing times or dates for Holidays as well as any special news or announcements & also often include special Holiday offers and more.

Typically, 3 every 2 weeks or so. Those will illustrate any new products, items placed on special sale, new loads added and be customized based on your order history, demographics or listings you have engaged with on the website. They will also include things like useful Articles, Case Studies, Video’s & more

Ideal for customers who typically visit our facility and attend our sales events. Alerts about our upcoming Live Sales Events including product details, auction catalogues & more.

Typically, daily. These are not automated and typically include greater details on only 1 or 2 listings. They also at times include special offers not advertised elsewhere.

These can vary depending on your personal notification preferences and will keep you updated as to any new arrivals or modifications made to Listings you have selected. These emails are sent out immediately and you will be the first to know of any new arrivals for any of our listings should you have selected to be notified. You can adjust those yourself or simple email or call your AM to assist you.

Retrieve Manifests & Invoices

You can easily view and retrieve all past invoices, purchases and any Manifests for Loads you have purchased form us. Simply log into your account and click on “View & Retrieve Manifests.” Once you’re there, click on the order or manifest of your choices to view and/or download the manifest to your computer.


Load Center

Find and sort through Full and Partial Truckloads, Multiple & Single Pallet Manifested Lots, Opportunistic Deals and more

In 2012, we launched the first-of-its-kind Load Center, where you can easily find loads and their manifests from one page with very few clicks! The Load Center houses all loads including single pallet loads, multiple pallet loads and full truckloads of merchandise. Where available, the load center displays manifests that can be viewed directly online or that can be downloaded in Excel format for your convenience. Please note: You must be logged in to your account to use the Load Center. If you do not have an account, you can create one here for free.


Load Center Features

  • View all available loads and relevant information
  • Filter loads by various criteria
  • View and download single or multiple manifests instantly
  • Manipulate and summarize manifests
  • See most recent loads added
  • View discounted or “On Sale” loads instantly


We trust that the Load Center will make your purchasing experience smoother and easier. Don’t forget that we have other case packed and pallet items on our website that are not in the Load Center! See our full product inventory here. As you navigate around the Load Center, please feel free to email us any comments, suggestions or feedback to feedback@viatrading.com. We look forward to hearing what you think!

What can you do

The Load Center allows you to search for and filter through loads according to the following parameters:

  • The store they come from
  • Merchandise category (electronics, clothing, etc).
  • Product Condition
  • Packing (single pallet, multi-pallet LTL, full load)
  • FOB Point
  • Manifested, Unmanifested or Partially Manifested
  • Price Range
  • Special Pricing or Discounts
  • Number of Pallets

This allows you to find what you are looking for quickly and easily, and to determine whether a particular load is right for you based on its cost, its pallet count, its condition and its content. Once you have selected a load to view, you can then access its manifest easily with one click and:

  • Sort by any column in the manifest (ascending – descending)
  • Summarize by various metrics (aggregate color, size, brand, etc.)
  • Download full manifests or summarized manifests as you see fit

Real-Time Shipping Quotes

Our website can provide you for real-time shipping quotes for most case & pallet listings.

Obtain shipping quotes for your order online and in real time by simply adding the SKU(s) to your Floating Shopping Cart. The Floating Shop Cart will display the lowest shipping cost & option available for your quick review.

Add and remove items to your floating shopping cart and instantly see how it affects the shipping cost. Select “Checkout” to see your Preliminary Invoice or “View Cart” & then “Get Shipping Options” to see all Ship Options available to you for this order.

You may also click the “cart” icon at the top to proceed to checkout page. Once you are satisfied with your preliminary invoice – simply Submit your order and your Account Manager will be in touch shortly.

Item Within
150 Miles of LA
Continental USA PR, HI, AK International International
Cases Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pallets or Combination Yes Yes Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us
LTL’s (up to 6 or 7 pallets) Yes Yes Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us
12 Pallets Yes Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us
Truckloads / Containers Yes Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us

Please note we are currently unable to quote the following online:

  • International pallet orders
  • Ocean containers
  • Full truckloads
  • More than 6-7 pallets within the USA

Buyer Tools

Our website features a Buyer Tools section introducing a series of widgets specifically developed to help you perform various useful calculations including calculating your potential revenues, Landed Costs,  profits and more! Each widget comes with detailed instructions on its purpose and functions along examples of how to use it. Feel free to call or email us with any questions, feedback or suggestions! Check them out here

Search Filter Navigation


Filter out items by type of packing. If you are only interested in case packs or items that can be shipped by UPS for instance, tick the “Case” box. If you are interested in pallets, tick the “Pallet” box and so on. Visit our resource pages for more information about how wholesale merchandise is packed.



Filter products in one or more categories. If you would like to see Electronic items only for instance, tick the “Electronics” box. If you would like to see products that are both Electronic AND Housewares, tick one box and then the other (please wait for the page to fresh in between selections.)


Product Conditions

To filter products by condition, select the condition(s) of your choice. If you would like to see items that are New Overstock only, tick the “New Overstock” box. If you would like to see New Overstock and Shelf Pull items, tick one box, wait for the page to refresh and then tick the other. Visit our resource pages for more information on wholesale product conditions.


If you prefer to purchase on my manifested items (items that come with a detailed list of what is inside), tick the “Manifested” box. The majority of the items we sell are unmanifested. We do provide detailed descriptions, pictures and a good idea of what you can expect to receive but unmanifested lots will always contain a mix of items within a given category. If you would like to see both manifested and unmanifested items, leave these boxes unticked.


Product Features

The Product Features section defines the types of items that are available. You can search by “New Arrivals,” items that are on “Sale” items that are “Opportunistic” or “One Time Deals” and will be sold out once they’re gone, and items that are appropriate for Fulfillment by Amazon.

Quick Guide to Using the Search Filter

When you click on a category, you now have the ability to narrow down your search according to various metric like: packing, product category, product condition, price range and more! Clicking on “all products” will allow you to filter through all products in stock. Clicking on a particular category allows you to filter products within that specific category.


To use it, simply tick a search box, and wait for the page to refresh. To narrow your search further, tick another box, and let the page refresh again. Continue this process until your search is narrowed down to what you are looking for (for example: All items that are packed by the case, are new overstock and under $500.

Floating Shopping Cart

You can now keep track of the items in your shopping cart with just one click! Once an item or more has been added to your cart, click the “View Cart” link on the top right hand corner of the page to view the contents of your shopping cart without leaving the page. You can update or change the contents of your cart from this floating cart view, or click the “View Cart” button again inside the floating cart to edit your selections in the main shopping cart page.