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Customer Testimonials

Gaby V.

I agree that much work is put into the pallets we purchase here at Via Trading but I, myself, from the moment I decided to go into this business, I knew it was no kick back job. So I'm prepared to do whatever it takes to squeeze the most profit out of each purchase. How much time do I invest? It depends on the pallet I choose. And that's very important to remember : my purchase is MY choice. I choose the pallet, i choose the price, I choose via trading. Why? Because of their reliability and prices. Whatever the condition of the pallet, it is ALWAYS disclosed. So for me to complain about via trading giving me too much to do? I don't think so, not today. I'd rather invest my time doing something profitable, like making sure my merchandise is ready to sell.

Antonie W.

Awesome company to do business with! I was really satisfied with the quality of the products I purchased. My account manager Mike Stramboli always provides the very best customer service and is very helpful in getting me the best deal.

Michelle J.

Well I love it because I have a good employee who helped us named David he is really honest and tells u how things work.

Eric S

We are a manufacturer of a camera and iPhone accessories company that ended up with excess inventory that we needed to move quick. I came across Via Trading and talked with Alain who was very helpful in guiding our way through clearing out the warehouse efficiently and at a fair price for the products on hand. When it comes to liquidation, I highly recommend giving Via Trading a try.

Luther P. Smith Jr.

Nice products you buy in department store for less.

Robert T.

Have never had bad experience

Nathan M.

As an online seller for the past 8 years I know most people only leave a review of a business when they have a bad experience. Maybe because the people with great experiences are busy making money ha ha! I'm in Florida, I've found VIA Trading 4 years ago. I've never been to their facility in California and solely rely on my account manager. In the years I've been in the liquidation industry I found that trust is the most important piece of the puzzle. You have to trust your vendor/supplier and your buyer has to trust you. The second most important piece being your willingness to work at your own success. If you're going into this thinking you'll buy iPhones at $50 and resell at $300 without lifting a finger, my advice is find another business. You should be ready to play the long game. That's what my account manager told me years ago. Ask the right questions and have realistic expectations. These guys have lots of different programs and stores that they work with. You have to figure out what works for you. After all it is YOUR business. Four years ago I was working out of my two car garage buying 3-4 pallets at a time from VIA and a few other companies. Within the last two years, my business has quadrupled! I now have two 1800sq ft warehouses bursting at the seams, I'm buying 4 truckloads at a time and selling wholesale as well. Make no mistake, the road wasn't all roses and it still isn't. There were times I almost gave up. But then I ask myself- are you ready to go work to make someone else's dreams a reality? - NOPE! That whole time my account manager was there to bounce ideas off of and make recommendations and when he didn't have ready answers (which was rare) we figured it out together. The amazing part is - we still have never met face to face! Yeah I know this review sounds like I'm an VIA employee... I'm definitely not! I'm just giving back to a company that has given me an opportunity at the dream I've had since I was a boy - to own my own business and be successful at it. Sometimes I'm glad other companies burnt me before I found VIA because that experience made me appreciate the work they do and their integrity especially in an industry that is full of dishonest actors. I really think I was lucky to have found them when I did. Sorry for the long read I hope it helps - now go call them!

Tuan N.

Awesome company to do business with! I was really satisfied with the quality of the products I purchased. My account manager Mike Stramboli always provides the very best customer service and is very helpful in getting me the best deal.

Gabriela V.

I began buying small cosmetic case about once every two months. Thanks to the GREAT advice, confidence, and support that I receive from first of all, my sales representative Mike, and Nat who works in the offices, but every employee at Via Trading in general, I am now purchasing more than two pallets of mixed merchandise a week. Mike has taken the time to know me and to know what type of merchandise I am successful with. I greatly appreciate his patience and understanding. :)


Excellent customer service from my sales rep, Mike Stambouli. I have ordered from Via Trading numerous times and have never had a problem. I highly recommend!

Laurie C.

Via Trading has taken my business to the next level buying truckloads from them. I have bought at least 14 truckloads from them, maybe more. My family also buys. I have purchased many return loads and yes they do need checked. THEY ARE RETURNS. I suspect some of the bad feedback they have received is due to people not knowing what they are getting. There is a lot of profit on these loads. I have ordered truckloads from other liquidators and they are not as good. Mike Stambouli is my sales rep and he cares and helps with all my needs. You can search and compare but I doubt you will find better liquidators.

Shannon Y.

Via Trading is a very honest company. Mike Stambouli is an outstanding sales rep who ALWAYS answers any questions immediately and always works with me on my needs. Customer return loads can be fantastic, but they do need to be checked..the prices are so low that you really can't lose. If you are on East Coast and you purchase a load that is inexpensive, the shipping adds in and the profit margin is still amazing. The only negative would be the way they pack SOME loads, but all in all you really cannot lose money with this company. If I ever have had the tiniest complaint Mike has made it right by me. My family has been purchasing loads from Via Trading with Mike as our rep for 5 years...that really says alot. The negative reviews may come from inexperienced retail sellers or people who are not realizing what they are buying. Every load is labeled-shelf pulls, customer returns, overstock ect...just read and research what you are up for! I am a real person....this is a real review.

Steve C.

I got a truck load of km and over all it is good merchandise. I won't know tell next year if it will profit. I was disappointed about not getting my 10% off first time buying so I hope when I order again they will honor it. Mike S is your go to man for sure, thanks.

Laura Ramos D.

My home based business had tripled since I found VT. They have great kitchen items, appliance, Beauty products ,clothing and much much more. They have live Auctions once a month, Monthly specials .The warehouse is HUGE good selection on items and the prices are great to resale.

Shawn R.

I am in the process of starting a new business and have to say that the service at Via Trading is amazing. Every interaction I have had with my Representative has been positive; plus she only is concerned with my success not hers. She goes out of her way to make sure I buy things that make it possible for me to have the best success. She genuinely wants me to keep coming back, it's better service than I receive at Nordstrom.

John F.

As a retailer, we need a constant supply of both staple items and interesting new items. Inside VT's massive warehouse I can usually find both staple and interesting items for my stores. I have dealt with most of the wholesalers in the SoCal area and no one beats VT in value, selection and customer service. Shout out to Alex, you are awesome at keeping me informed of all the new inventory that comes in.

Percy H.

Via Trading makes it easy for anyone to become a business owner. The quality of the products Via Trading has to offer depends upon how much your willing to invest in your business, you will find items that has been opened and returned some with damage most without damage some in the packaging and some without. On the other end of the spectrum you can purchase pallets or lots that are brand new right off the shelf of a retail store. Either way you go in my opinion you can't go wrong, I haven't brought a pallet yet I was not able to profit off of.

Matt S.

OK so went to Lynwood and met with Mike Stambouli of Via Trading on Monday. Our business has shifted it's model currently and we are attempting to move into liquidation based items, etc. etc. Had emailed Mike back and forth so he could get a feel about what we were interested in getting for our store. So we made the trip to Lynwood to meet with Mike on Monday and I gotta say we were met at the door by Mike and he proceeded to spend a huge amount of time with us answering questions showing us loads from pallets to truckloads from Walmart to Shopko and everything in between. He was knowledgeable, patient, and best of all was not high pressure at all. Being new to sourcing merchandise from liquidation type places was whole new territory to us. Mike did a great job introducing us to it all and letting us take it all in. All we can say is thanks again for truly taking the time to walk us through the process of it all. All that said A+++ review for Mike personally. Now onto the product we purchased. We knew going down we wanted tools and that was a priority for us. We had wanted to potentially buy a truckload of general merchandise to have shipped back. We saw many Walmart loads and all seemed to be good enough to turn profit at the price they were selling for. The best truckloads we saw were the shopko loads they are huge and have a huge variety and outside impressions were extremely good and after getting all googly eyed about them and nearly pulling the trigger on one we decided to wait purely because of space restraints and help to process that size of a load. Logistics on our end stopped us from making the purchase not any doubt as to the return we could make on the load. They had 5 pallet lots of Harbor freight tools as well as a truckload of harbor frieght tools we ended up buying 2 of the 5 pallet lots of tools basically to get an idea of how this would all work. We were nervous but they were decent looking pallets very little obviously broken items actually only 1 battery charger was the only item there was no doubt was beyond repair. Today we started processing the load of 10 pallets of tools. We were expecting a solid 20% loss and am extremely happy to report we at about 80% to 90% processed we haven't even filled a large tote with the items that haven't worked or were broken and in need of repair. On top of that the items that have been bad were items that would have retailed between 20 and 50 bucks and honestly I feel like most can be repaired with minor work ( Switches, brushes etc.) We got a ton of compressors the small pancake type like 20 of them all of them except 1 worked with the issue that most likely got them returned being gauges that didn't work well at the price point we have them at nobody cares ( we sold 6 of them today ) have had 4 items that were clearly well used and returned but still functioned and with cleaning will be easy sells. A few items maybe 5% will take a long time to sell like shallow well pumps things like that but it's of no concern because given what we saw today and what we've seen in the past with tools we will have a vast majority sold within a week. Very exciting! It was a great mix of items with very few hand tools. Mostly drills Sawzall compressors 8 welders all working only 1 with a missing tip, 3 winches, bandsaws, mitre saws ( sold 2 today already and every one we got worked fine) small hand held power tools to large shop tools. So long story short and I know that every load is different and another may be the complete opposite but in this load and in our case we can't say enough good things. From Mike as our sales person to the goods we bought. We will in the end double our money and then some. Seriously was a top notch experience top to bottom. I read some bad reviews about Via Trading and we were nervous but we all know everyone is quick to give bad reviews but the good ones aren't so frequent I told Mike I would give an honest review of the experience and the merchandise and this was it. Anything that anyone would like to know that I didn't touch on please ask and I will give an honest assessment based on our experiences.

Shane & Krista H.

Over the past 3 years, I have worked with many different liquidation dealers directly and over the internet, most of the time receiving very poor quality products, and matching customer service. Receiving pallets of merchandise with over 50% of the items damaged beyond repair or re-sale, pallets with RAT damage and heavily inflated shipping cost. Now I have only bought from VIA trading one time so far, and let me tell you the service received by my wife and myself from Mr. Fernandez was some of the best in the market, and the merchandise quality is far better then most other liquidators’ on the internet thus far. I am looking forward to a long future with this great company, especially with Mr. Fernandez, their all a very considerate group of employees. Thank you.

Rhonda B.

I highly recommend Via Trading as the best source for merchandise in the secondary retail market. We have been doing this for 5 years. We’ve had dealings with many of the players in this field and Via Trading is on a different level with respect to their service. Let’s face it, the merchandise is all pretty much the same. But the Customer Service provided by your source can have a huge impact on your success. I have found Via Trading to be very customer service oriented. They learn who you are and what your business does. They have definitely made it their mission to know what I typically want and now they recommend things to me when they know something is available that I typically look for. I feel like they care about the success of my business almost as much as I do. With most of the other suppliers in this sector, I feel like a number and that my business is one they can take or leave. So I highly recommend Via Trading and the guys at this company. You will be very pleased.

Lydia F.

As a new single mother to support myself and my daughter, I created an at-home liquidation business via the internet. Knowing I needed strong support from vendors, I began a search of suppliers I could count on. I started slowly and while finding my way, I was contacted by a sales person at Via Trading offering a product line that interested me. I asked many questions, wanting to know about the company, their philosophy and ethics, and liked all the answers. This was approximately 2 years ago and Via Trading is my #1 supplier who I have come to rely and count on. The entire team at Via Trading is amazing. The brother’s who own the company, Jack and Alain, have gone over and above to accommodate and support me. My Account Manager has been ever so helpful and has worked hard to find ways to fulfill my specific requests, and I have many, which has enabled me to satisfy my customer’s needs. Via Trading has been a key contributor to making my business a success. I have built a customer base which is based on the products and services received, which I could not have offered without the help of Via Trading’s team. I believe those successful in this industry focus on customer service and that is what Via Trading is all about. Put your business needs in the hands of Via Trading and your success will be realized!

Edel H.

I would like to say that Via Trading is one of the most flexible and responsible companies I have ever dealt with. My Account Manager helped me out getting my first load and as well as giving me direction on how to market these products. Even though I received the wrong merchandise, it was quickly resolved and I was given the correct products quickly without any problems. I know my Account Manager went out of his way to make sure that I was fully satisfied with the purchase, even though the error was not on his part. I am very pleased with the results from Via Trading and will continue to do business with them. Thanks again to my account manager and to all at Via Trading.

Dan W.

Via trading is in my honest opinion the best liquidation and overstock supplier in the industry. Believe me we have dealt with many of them out there. They carry everything I have ever needed, and when they did not have it they got it for me no questions asked. The only thing better than the quality of the products we received from Via Trading is the service Alain and Jack give. Via Trading helped my business go from $400,000 a year in sales to $1,300,000 in 2 short years. Give them a call and you will see exactly why I feel they are the best…

Greg M.

Luis Nunez is my account manager with Via Trading. Luis has been a mentor to our business and gone above and beyond the call of duty to help us expand our business both online and offline alike. Since becoming a customer at Via Trading a couple of months ago, Luis has helped us double our sales volume as well as increase overall profit! Each time we call or email a question, our account manager Luis responds nearly instantaneously regardless of his location. Aside from the business aspect of things, we have been made to feel like part of the Via Trading family. My wife recently underwent foot surgery and was off her feet for a couple of weeks. During that time, Luis was always kind enough to ask how my wife was doing and the fact that he remembered my personal situation speaks volumes to me as to what type of person my account manager is. I recently switched to Via Trading from another liquidation and wholesale company because of the lack of professionalism and quality of merchandise. We have had nothing but positive experiences since our switch. It has been our pleasure to work with Via Trading and Luis Nunez. I not only have a new supplier, I have a new friend.

Mario A.

It was a great experience to make business with via trading.

Aneta S.

I am a new customer of Via Trading and I just received my first order, I would like to say that all of the items that I received are very good quality, they were very clean nice packed. Also I would like to thank Eric for walking me thru every single step of the order . Great communication. I will buy more and more from Via Trading.

Debra P.

Thanks Danny for helping me through my first transaction and for the awesome customer service attention I received. The order was better than I expected, shipped quickly and I have already recommended Via Trading to two other business associates of mine within the first month of my first purchase. I will be ordering again in the very near future.

Justin D.

I had a great experience from start to finish. My account manager Nathania was really professional and courteous. Helped me through the whole process with ease and comfort. Thank you. I will being doing all my business with you!

Wendy T.

I received the Max Factor foundation I recently ordered. Just wanted to say thank you for your excellent customer service and follow through (the color I originally wanted was not available so you called me on Monday). I’m a small purchaser, but still get awesome customer service. Any time I’ve emailed Via’s general email address I get a response very quickly. I have looked at other wholesale/closeout websites and many do not even return emails. Your merchandise is good quality, it’s been easy to sell and I’ll be ordering again soon!

Brenda D.

Overall friendly, fast and efficient service. Exactly what i had hoped for, i received. Very highly recommended!!


I could not be more pleased with the overall experience with wholesale purchasing. I am opening a new retail shop and that was a first for me as well. It was hassle-free dealing with Via Trading!


I had an extremely satisfying purchase experience through Luis Nunez of Via Trading. He is professional and knowledgeable. I am eager to receive the merchandise.

Amy F.

My Sales Manager Eric Was Great. He Answered All My Questions And Kept Me Very Informed The Thru It All. Thank You And I Must Say I Will Return.

Rinnie L.

Excellent service and communication. Will buy again.

Claus H.

I received my order the other day. Just a small order but the service you have provided makes me want to come back for more! I live in Denmark and shipment was only 1 week approximately. You have given me some great business ideas in these financial difficult times. Thank you ever so much!

Jimmy D.

Eric was very helpful in making my first purchase a pleasant one! Looking forward to buying again soon!

Don B.


Shirley H.

Overall, this was a great shopping experience. My Account Manager was very knowledgeable, and the products were high quality!

Lawrence N.

Ordering could not be any faster or more pleasant!

Barbara N.

Via trading has a great customer support system. They were helpful in answering my questions.

DiezMaii F.

Via Trading was offering everything I wanted in one box. With no minimum purchase! Unlike the 44 other websites that I looked at, some you even had to register BEFORE you look, or BEFORE you get pricing. Via Trading was simply easy and very pleasing to get all the products in ONE box, in ONE order, with ONE shipping!

Libby G.

This was my first time purchasing anything like this and I was amazed at the products. There was a great assortment of sizes and styles. I couldn’t have gotten a better lot if I had packed it myself. I will be making other purchases from Via Trading.

Christine G.

Overall great experience! Bob was very helpful and the clothing I received was in very good condition. I will purchase again! Thanks!


This was my 1st purchase and the transaction from beginning to end was very quick and professional.

Mablene M.

We are very pleased with the merchandise that we purchased from Via Trading. This is the best place that we have found to purchase our merchandise from, we were also very pleased with Luis Nunez our sales manager, he was very helpful in getting us started with our first purchase.

Mike T.

These folks ROCK!!! Quality items, fast response and super shipping system. I am very pleased and…I will be back!

Adriana P.

Great place to buy. Everything I needed was there good price and fast shipping.

C. Constable

I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me and my business. Your advise and recommendations upon items and loads have exceeded my expectations. A lot of companies don’t hand pick load types or head out on the floor and hand pick some item that would fit a company’s selling levels better than another. I really appreciate your business skills and going that extra mile to assure my happiness. It’s because of you that I have learned to trust your company and as long as you are there I will continue to do business with. Sandra you are a true asset to your company. Thank you so much.

Isabel H.

I am the owner of OFERTAS DMA in Eagle Pass, Texas and I purchased merchandise from your company to re-sell. I have found all of the merchandise to be in excellent condition with 95% of the merchandise received being in a new condition. I have received many positive comments from my customers about the merchandise that I am offering for sale. I will most certainly continue to purchase merchandise from your company and would not hesitate to recommend your products to other people. I look forward to continuing such an excellent working relationship and to continue to receive first class merchandise.

Harriet C.

Via Trading is an amazing company that really cares about the customer. Since I have started my liquidation company, Via Trading has provided me with top quality merchandise at a very reasonable price. The customer service is excellent. Cesar has been extremely professional and has gone beyond the call of duty to help us in any way possible. When we place an order, it almost always ships out the exact same day. From start to finish, this is the company to deal with. I look forward to continuing to grow my business and have Via Trading as my long-term supplier of merchandise. Big thanks to Via Trading!!!

Dan W.

It is good to know that there are still reputable wholesalers like Via. I just wanted you to know that I am very pleased with the mix of KM, PEP and HF that I received this morning. We will be looking forward to making another purchase soon. Keep up the great work, and it is a pleasure doing business with you!

Victor S.

I am very satisfied for The excellent VIA TRADING service, they are following deeply all what we need as a customer. Congratulations for your excellent team.

Shawna R.

Via Trading is a great wholesale source. We have used them for years, and they consistently deliver quality products and service with fast shipping. One of our best suppliers!

Mike F.

I received the General Merchandise lot today and it is exactly what I expected and I am very happy with the order. Thank you.

Paul D.

I have been in the resale and wholesale business since 2001 and really must say I find Via Trading quite good and a pleasure to work with in all aspects of business. I want to pass my regards to all your people and keep up the good work! Thank you!

Maria V.

Please accept my compliments. Today was my first day attending your warehouse; my transactions were smooth thanks to your outstanding and wonderful staff who helped in every way. I am deeply impressed with the kindness and prompt service your staff offers. Greatly appreciated!

T. Welsh

As a first time customer from the UK i was astonished at how quickly and efficiently you dealt with my order and shipment. It was as easy as ordering from within the UK – I’m blown away!!! Nathania was very helpful and attentive to all my queries, she’s a credit to Via Trading. We will be ordering from you again with no hesitation. Thank you!

Chris M.

Big or small orders, all associates treat you with the utmost respect, professionalism and courtesy with an overwhelming selection of goods to browse through with the lowest possible prices. So glad our business has found Via Trading!

Joanna T.

I would like to compliment on the personalized, prompt and warm service from Via Trading. The items were received promptly and in great packing and condition Great service, great pricing, great products!! Thumbs up for Via Trading!!

Alejandra O.

I am one of those people who wont buy until I research every possible option available, and I must have contacted no less than 45 companies and I finally choose Via Trading (found them searching through eBay), they had the BEST prices along with great quality items. Sandra was my saleslady, she was very patient and friendly. I received my package two days ago (cosmetics, Revlon and L’Oreal) and I was surprised to see everything so well packaged, out of the 1100 pieces, NOT ONE WAS DAMAGED, not one was used, not one was opened. If you are the type of person who is hard to please and who wont buy from the first website or company, please stop looking you wont find better price or nicer people.

Richard A.

I am so grateful to you people for such a wonderful opportunity. Am yet to receive a final bill for my order but am already enthused by the amount of information am getting on your website. Thank you very much.

Erin G.

Via Trading is the best! This was our first order, and our account manager, Luis, made the experience a pleasant one. We have been selling the items from our first order for about a month now, and have been doing well with it. We are learning a lot through this process. Luis has been helpful and very prompt at responses. I was and still am pleased with our order, and am looking forward to our next order. Thanks Via Trading and Luis for all the help and wonderful products.

Adedoyin O.

Via Trading has been my wholesale source for a while now and they’ve been tried, tested and trusted! Their excellent customer service is unsurpassed coupled with their fast shipping and excellent products. My account manager is simply the best and ever so willing to help out at all times. Thank you Via Trading for your first class service.

Katia L.

Via Trading is a great company to work with!! Since I started buying from them I was able to start my own business. They offer great product at great prices and excellent customer service. Adan has really helped me in the selection of great product and provides great personalized customer service. I was lucky to be assigned to Adan as my account manager.

Raymundo M.

In the short time I have been working with Via Trading my experience has been great! Adan Sanchez has provided me with his knowledge and expertise which has helped me grow in the resale industry. As for Via Trading, the merchandise I am able to purchase is in good condition and leaves me with a good amount of revenue!

Amanda & Boris P.

Via Trading has given us the tools to start our own business. Our Account Manager Adan is so knowledgeable and honest about the merchandise and puts our minds at ease. We couldn’t be happier with our experience and look forward to many more years of doing business with Via Trading.

Tiffany R.

The shipment arrived and it is wonderful. We are extremely pleased with the product and with the service that you provided for us. Thank you so much for all you have done for us. We will be placing another order next week for some different merchandise.

Mike M.

We retired and wanted to do something for ourselves but give back to the community and we found something that makes us and the community HAPPY! The product sells as fast as we can get it home! People come to our house almost daily wanting our products. We have worked our way up in small steps but the potential for growth is tremendous! This is not a get rich quick scheme – Via is an honest company helping us do what is right for our community.

Ever C.

Via Trading has been the best organization I have ever conducted business with. Their customer service is top of the line, especially when having your own account manager at all times. My account manager has always met all my needs as a client. Great job as a team and as an organization.

Ellen R.

I can’t tell you how pleased I was with my original order. All of the products were in perfect condition. Because of that, I was able to make a professional presentation to my clients, which was a big selling point. I appreciate your professionalism and prompt attention to my questions and order. Thank you and I’m looking forward to doing a lot more business with you in the future.

Joanna T.

I would like to compliment on the personalized, prompt and warm service from Via Trading. The items were received promptly and in great packing and condition Great service, great pricing, great products!! Thumbs up for Via Trading!!

Pinomi N.

I have been doing business with Via Trading for about two years now and I must say your customer service is outstanding. I haven’t had any problem with missing items or shipping problems. I have received every single item I have ordered so far. I order mostly cosmetics and the condition is excellent and I make a good profit. What I like most about Via is that you are willing to answer all my queries and you give honest opinions and prompt responses. Keep up the excellent customer service!

Benjamin F.

Thank you for offering your clients a great opportunity to invest their time and money efficiently. Its impressive how my Account Manager was able to give me advice to make the optimal purchase decision. As a business owner, I could tell how my Account Manager wanted me to be successful. After doing months of research, phone calls, and direct contacts with other wholesale suppliers I can assure you Via Trading is the optimal company.

H & R Deals (eBay Sellers)

We purchased a customer return pallet of 20 pieces for $1,500 and we have sold just 5 pieces and we already have made over 1k! You guys are great and we plan on using you for years to come. Thank you.

Holly F

I got my first shipment of purses yesterday and just love them, WOW, I was so impressed!! I sell designer shoes on Ebay and wanted to branch out into something else. I just wanted to see how everything goes and so far your professionalism and product is just exceeding all my expectations. Thank you so much and look forward to doing more business with you all in the future.

Art B.

I have been working with Via Trading now for over a year and have purchased numerous loads. They offer terrific customer service and accurately describe their merchandise. I sell their items in my discount outlet store and on Ebay and have had excellent results. They are definitely in business for the long-term and are more interested in building a relationship than making a one-time sale. My account rep, Luis, is always on the lookout for merchandise that works for me. They have a great selection of merchandise from big box retailers and are always competitively priced. Thanks for all the great stuff!

Robert B., Mr. Haneys/FURMO

Over the past years I have been very pleased with the my experience with Via Trading. The quality and price of their products is excellent. Luis Nunez my sales representative always lets me know of new merchandise that fits my business. A great company to do business with.

Liu N.

I’ve been buying cosmetics from Via Trading for over a year now, and I am very happy with the products I buy. I I will continue to stay with Via Trading and build up my business.

Mofeed T

I am new to this business but I have to say that your Via Trading and my account manager Adan Sanchez are the best. Adan has helped me from day one until now, always being honest with me about the products that would work best for me. I thank Adan and Via Trading for great service.

Kevin C.

Via Trading has helped our company grow over the last couple years. They offer a multitude of different products to choose from. We have tried many different companies over the past 2 years and found Via Trading to have the best quality products and the highest diversity of products. Their prices are very reasonable and provide a good opportunity to receive a high rate of return on your investment. Luis, our Account Manager, is quick to apprise us of any new deals or offers that are available. He also is hands on for all our orders and ensures that we get our complete order in a timely manner. Overall, we are extremely happy with the overall professionalism, quality and variety that Via Trading has to offer our company. We look forward to a continuing and mutually prosperous business relationship in the future.

Gracie S.

My experience at Via Trading has been nothing but awesome. The merchandise is great, my sales representative is the best, thank you Via Trading for making my business a success story.

Ryan E.

I am new to the trade. I recently opened two discount stores in Northeastern AZ. I located many different liquidators through out the country, mainly via the internet. At first I kept coming back to Via Trading because I found the web site to be not only user friendly but also informative. When I was ready to start making purchases I was assigned an account manager. She is amazing. Always taking time to answer my calls, texts and emails in a timely manner. She also educated me in the business about the best ways to spot good loads and price points. She would send me pictures of loads and any other details I asked for. Within the first 30 days I bought 5 truck loads from here and I have not been disappointed with any of them. There were a couple of loads that showed up within 48 hours after I paid for them. One was even the next day. It was the Christmas season and everyday of selling counts. So you can see why I was so pleased with her determination to make my business a success. I know she had to jump through hoops for me and I will always be grateful. Now that we have a working relationship she has a good idea of what kind of product my company and I are in the market for. She not only emails me but also texts me as soon as a great load comes available. It is great to get that kind information in a timely manner because when I finally got around to ordering many times the good loads are gone. I would highly recommend doing business with Via Trading

Ara N.

I have been purchasing from Via for some time now and so far the variety of merchandise is GREAT not to mention the personnel and the service.

Mark F.

Being 12,000 miles away, I find Via Trading’s Load Center so useful for working through what loads are available at any time. Because most loads are manifested and fully searchable, I can easily target the loads I might be interested in and determine the value of a load in a few minutes. As a result I can buy from a distance with confidence, because I know just what I am getting, and downloadable manifests mean I can have everything priced up and organised for my store before it arrives. To my knowledge, no-one else in the business makes it this easy to confidently purchase loads

Josh M.

So far I’ve only made one purchase with Via Trading, but it was seamless! I will do business with Via again.

Maria P.

I visited Via Trading yesterday evening. Let me start by saying that I am new to this business and as soon as I stepped foot in the the warehouse, EVERYONE was super courteous, and customer service friendly. My manager Allay answered all my questions and she recommended a few Starter boxes. I chose this one even though, JANE cosmetics is not really known. The quality of the merchandise is NEW/EXCELLENT. With the exception of literally 4 eye-shadows that were a bit broken but I already sold them at 50cent each. I am very satisfied with my purchase. I found stuff in here that sell at the local DrugStores for about $7-$12. If you’re new to this business, I would recommend to do some research before you visit this place so you are absolutely sure and confident on the products you’re buying.

Dan W.

I love the New Load Center Feature on the Via Trading Website. It gives us instant access to the products when needed as well as up to the minute availability. Some of the websites out there only offer you manifests of loads they had 5 years ago as well as products they had, where as Via Trading is mainly all products they have currently as well as their manifests and availability. This gives us the option of instantly purchasing a load instead of waiting and running the risk of losing it.

Mike J.

In our three years of business we have grown one store per year. This has allowed us the opportunity to try many suppliers. Via trading ranks right at the top of our list! Our experience with them has been and continues to be the best compared to all of our previous and current suppliers. No other company other than Via (that I know of) sends you marketing tips on how to sell the merchandise they just sold us.That is a strong statement to their understanding that if their customer does good they do good! Alex our Via representative is very knowledgeable, courteous, thorough, he knows our budget and our needs and works very hard to achieve great results with both! He always follows up to make sure we are happy with all transactions. Simply put both Via and Alex are the best overall suppliers we have dealt with and plan to have a long relationship with this company!

Steve H.

First and for most my account manager has been amazing! He has been extremely helpful through every step of the process. This includes several different orders from less than a truck load all the way up to a full truck load. There has not been a single issue that my account manager can't handle and he is always available. I know I can text, call, or email my account manager at any time and always get a response. Even if you are a complete beginner you have nothing to worry about if you are working with my account manager! Also, my account manager has your best interest in mind and is always trying to help you get the best value out of every order! The second is the products. All I can say is WOW! The KM program is absolutely amazing. The quality of the products are better than I could ever have imagined. It is like someone brought a load of brand new products. I have also been very impressed with the KL pallets I have received. I have bought other products from other companies and I can safely say these are the best I have seen!

Melissa H.

Via Trading is thee best! Everyone is so friendly and helpful. They have a huge selection and everything comes just as they have described the products. It’s a little overwhelming from the huge selection the first time you go in. Great top quality merchandise, prices are always lower than ain?t where else and they help you find what you need. I’ve made purchases in store and online. Every transaction went well and there were no hidden charges. I highly recommend using Via Trading!

Gaby V.

Ever since Mike Stambouli has been in charge of my account, I have had nothing but positive things to say about Via Trading to my friends, relatives, and acquaintances in general. He has gone out of his way to help me a myriad of times, and although I don’t purchase more than just a fraction of what I’m sure other clients do, every time I have dealt with Mike, he makes me feel as if without me, the company wouldn’t exist.


I am really glad that I ordered from Via. Truly honest business deals and any issues I have are settled immediately and to my full satisfaction. I will definitely order from Via Trading again Good job and thank you!

Carlos G.

I had a really good first experience! The staff was great and Norberto was very good – he helped me so much, thank you guys. I will come back soon!

Shirley B.

This was my first order with this company. The process went very smoothly and I received my package in good order. I’m looking forward to my next purchase!

Yan L.

I ordered a case of lingerie intimate apparel at a good price. They met my expectations exactly. Thank you Benjamin for your product and service! I will definitely be coming back for more.

Farrah M.

I was very happy with my products they send to me. Highly recommended company and I’m excited to re order again. Thanks Via Trading.

Alexa C.

I just wanted to let you know that I got my order in yesterday and I couldn’t be happier with it. Everything is in such great condition and the variety is awesome. I’m excited to start selling so I can come back for more! Thank you very much for assisting me with my order and helping me find the best option to start with. I’m looking forward to continuing doing business with you!

Wayne T.

I just purchased a pallet load of Comalito Cookers. Justin Prescott was my rep. Justin was like a breathe of fresh air. Justin was SUPER as a sales rep. He got things moving and followed the sale to the final pickup by Con-Way Transportation. You are very fortunate to have a person like Justin on your staff.

Gabriela Viramontes

I am very satisfied being a Via Trading customer because I know what I'm getting. I like that the price labels on the boxes tell me exactly what to expect. If I get a "defective" load, for example, I know I'm playing Russian Roulette - but at least I know what I'm getting. I also have complete trust in my representative, Mike Stamboulli because he has always shown me that he has my best interest in mind. The company or my representative will most likely want to get rid of me before I get rid of them!

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