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Condition: Customer Returns
Manifest Status: Manifested
FOB Point: Los Angeles,SC
Price: From 17% of Retail
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    Wholesale Power Tools and hardware from a major tool specialist retailer.

    • Customer return private label tools
    • 100% tool related items
    • Constant Availability
    • Even, consistent value pallets - ideal for wholesaling by the pallet
    • Fully Manifested
    • FOB: Los Angeles & Dillon, South Carolina
    • Manifested 5 & 25 Pallet Loads Available

    Typical Retail Values are $75K for 25 Pallet Loads OR $15,000 Value for 5 Pallet Loads

    Price from 17% of Retail

    Loads typically include: Miter saws, industrial planners, cable winches, nail/stapler kits, drills, air compressors, air tools, hammer drills, assorted power & hand tools, welding kits, wrenches, sanders, cement mixers, compressors, welding masks, etc.


    Please see a sample manifest below for an idea of what to expect:

    Product Condition
    Customer Returns
    # of Units
    # of Pallets
    Los Angeles,SC
    Manifested / Links
    Load Price %
    Price: From 17% of Retail
    Spec Sheet
    • Go through your entire lot item by item and determine which units are resale-ready and which may need to be repaired, cleaned or restored to selling condition in some way. Then, determine whether you will repair them or sell them to your customers as-is.
    • Consider selling high value items through a resale channel that can give you more value such as on Craigslist versus a flea market or yard sale.
    • Consider moving defective items by combining them with working items at a "two for less" discount.
    • Be prepared to test the items to make sure they are working before you sell them as such. Consider selling non-working items as-is, or repairing them prior to resale.
    • Be prepared to let your customer know the working condition of the item. Many people are handy with tools and hardware and will be very willing to buy a non-working unit at a great price if they have the ability to repair it themselves.
    • Make a deal with a local repair shop in your area and exchange repairs for free merchandise - have the technician repair your defective units and give him one or two in exchange for his work, or a percentage of your profits.
    • Mix and match products to restore items to full working condition. If you have two drills and both are missing parts, take parts from one unit to restore the second unit to working condition.
    • If you end up with items like hand tool kits that are missing several units, it doesn't mean you need to throw the entire kit away - just sell the items by the piece instead of by the "set." One screw driver is still worth something even if it is not sold as a 6 screwdriver set.
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