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  • Wholesale Kids Clothing & Accessory Loads

    • Branded baby, toddler and kids' clothing & accessories
    • A mix of clothing and accessories for babies, toddlers and children up to age 7-8
    • Some items will come with hangers
    • Typical average retail value per unit $25-$30
    • Relatively consistent availability
    • Fully manifested
    • Sold at a fraction of wholesale value
    • Typically a 2.3 to 2.5 retail markup
    • Approximately 65-70% well known department store label brands
    • Approximately 30-35% designer brands
    • Customer return items - may include a percentage of damaged/defective items

    Brands may include: Kenneth Cole, Nannette, Guess, Baby Headquarters, Baby Phat, Disney, Vitamins Baby, Sugar Tart, Beautees, L.A. Kitty, Nautica, Carters, Osh, DKNY, Quicksilver, Echo Red, Roxy, Ralph Lauren and more!

    Loads typically contain: Jeans, pants, shirts, sweaters, hoodies, zip-up sweatshirts, t-shirts, dresses, shorts, socks, overalls, 2-piece sets (top and bottom), accessories (bibs, slippers, shoes, etc.).


    Product Condition
    Customer Returns
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    Los Angeles
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    Price: 36% of Wholesale
    Spec Sheet
    • Merchandise the items by size rather than by category of item. Since assorted wholesale clothing lots will come with a wide variety of products, it is easier to put all same-sized items together on a clothing rack and let customers select from rack with their size.
    • Put any defective items inside a dump bin for a discounted price. People are more likely to be okay with purchasing a slightly defective item if it is clearly discounted.
    • Highlight any well known brand names on a poster or other indicator to catch consumer attention.
    • Encourage volume discounts - for example, buy 3 and get 1 free!
    • If the items have retail tags, use the retail tag price to show the customer his savings. If the ORIGINAL retail on an item is $50 and the store had marked it down to $30, set your price to $20 and leave the original tag on so the customer can see his total savings over the original retail.
    • Use brand names whoever possible to highlight the value of the items.
    • Be open to using more than one resale channel. In any given new or used clothing lot, you may receive a variety of lower end and higher end items. Try to sell higher end items websites like eBay or Amazon, where customers are looking for designer or branded items for cheaper, and sell the lower value items at a flea market. If you have a store, make a "discount" section for your cheaper items and a "brand name" section for your higher ticket goods.
    • If purchasing customer return clothing, take the time to verify any damages on the items. Some may be easily fixable with a bit of thread and a needle, and others may just need a light wash before you can sell them as "gently used" as opposed to "damaged/defective." Restore as many items as you can to like-new condition!
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