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New Overstock Manifested Ginger Snap Gaming Ignite Board Game

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    New Overstock Manifested Ginger Snap Gaming Ignite Board Game

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Ignite is the first game of its kind, a fast-paced, strategic, battling deckbuilder where asymmetric races battle for supremacy over the land of Oshos. All 1-8 players (Solo/co-op play only with \"A New Enemy\" expansion) begin with the same meager equipment and weapons. Then, through shrewd purchasing, tactical movement, opportunistic attacks, and the use of terrain effects, players match wits on the battlefield. Whoever claims the most trophies becomes the dominant race of the land. 

Ignite plays in roughly 15-20 minutes per experienced player. Our favorite feedback we've received a few times is \"I feel like I played a heavier game than how long it took!\"

 Please note, Ignite is not a CCG (like Magic: The Gathering) or a TCG (like Pokemon). This is a deckbuilding game (like Dominion or Ascension) where everything you need to play comes in the box. 

(For you CCG & TCG players out there, imagine that every player starts with the same starting deck which they customize as they play; essentially \"buying\" their \"booster pack cards\" from the table during the game rather than from a store before the game, allowing for quick setup, high strategy, lower budget, and high replayability.) 


  • You love deckbuilders, but want something a bit more epic, more interactive, more battle-oriented, with super creative card effects and an exciting end-game.
  • You love dudes-on-a-map or area control games and want something totally unique.
  • You want to gladiator net your friend in place and then drop a meteor strike on their head. 
  • You want to become the king of the kraken, feeding your enemies to it by charming or possessing them. 
  • The idea of pulling your friend into a lava pool makes you smile. 


  • Special, asymmetric race abilities
  • Variably built board 
  • Tactical terrain effects
  • Large miniatures (55mm scale) 
  • A \"dice-free\" game (excluding Solo/Coop mode) 
  • 5 different game modes (6 with Solo/Coop expansion) 
  • Imaginative and exciting card effects
  • Deep strategy with low complexity
  • Over 1100 cards with The Freeze expansion
  • No player elimination
  • Endless replayability & variety
  • Dagger-in-the-back damage tracking system 



Each card in Ignite can either be played for its honor value (allowing you to buy more cards) or for its battle effect. Battle effects are how you will manipulate your deck, attack enemy units, and defend your own units. You only have 6 cards to work with each turn, so use them wisely. 



Our miniatures are 55mm scale (eyes to feet). This is so we could make more detailed and dynamic miniatures. Additionally, they needed to be this size in order to make the \"dagger in the back\" damage system work (otherwise the daggers would be tiny). 



The land of Oshos has become corrupted through the use of magic, the land changing to a tainted state. You must use the battlefields terrain to your advantage. It is often the difference between a great victory and a terrible defeat.



When a player has lost all of their units, they begin spawning water minions from their starting position, but they no longer use their deck. This allows players to stay involved (playtesters have gotten as many as 3 trophies through smart water minion play), as well as helping speed up the end game. 


All units have 3 hit points (designated by putting a dagger into the back of the unit). When a player does the final point of damage to a unit, they take that miniature as a trophy. Whichever player has the most trophies at the end of the game is the winner. 

The game ends when:

  • Only 1 player remains
  • 1 Player reaches the trophy limit
  • (2-3 Player game: 4 trophies)
  • (4-8 Player game: 5 trophies)



The Freeze expansion takes everything you love about Ignite and raises it to the next level. It includes incredibly creative card effects. You\"ll be able to implement Hex cards (cards similar to Curses in Dominion), as well as Poison effects and even War Machines. Additionally, you\"ll gain the use of acid and snow which increase the variability and impact of the board setup.

With both the Base Game and The Freeze, you\"ll have 100 sets of Battle Cards to use (plus Stretch Goals). That\"s over 1100 cards! Not only that, but you\"ll have 2 additional races to battle with, each with their own asymmetric race ability.


The A New Enemy expansion allows for the entirety of Ignite to be played Solo or Cooperatively (all the way up to 8 players). It turns the game into a \"waves of enemies\" game (sort of like a tower defense game). If you survive long enough, the dragon will appear. If you are able to defeat him, you win the game.

A New Enemy can be played all the way up to 8 player or all the way down to 1. It requires both the Base Game and The Freeze expansion to be able to be played.



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