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New Overstock Manifested Plastic Food Container Sets

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New Overstock Manifested Plastic Food Container Sets

Lot Breakdown Summary

  • Plastic Food Container Sets $19,200.00 100%
  • Housewares $19,200.00 100%
  • 5 Pieces Round: $4,800.00 25%
  • 4 Pieces Square: $4,800.00 25%
  • 4 Pieces Rectangular: $4,800.00 25%
  • 3 Pieces Cylinder: $2,400.00 13%
  • 3 Pieces Triangle: $2,400.00 13%


  • New Overstock
  • Manifested
  • Sold at $/unit
  • *Vendor prefers to HANDLOAD though may be palletized upon request and would be 25 pallets, in that case.
  • QTY = # of sets 

QUANTITIES INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO: 2400 units - 8400 units per item

STYLES INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO: These food container sets are in 5 different shapes. There are 48 sets in each case.

Each case comes in 8 various beautiful patterns (6 of each pattern)

  • Round ~100 cases
  • Rectangular ~ 100 cases
  • Square ~100 cases
  • Triangle ~ 50 cases 
  • Cylinder ~50 cases



  • The cases are not currently palletized - 400 Cases total, Each Box contains 48 sets
  • The weight of each case is around 40 lb.
  • Goods are in Brown Boxes. 
  • No UPC on the packaging.

Pallet information are estimates and are subject to change
Estimated pallets for this load: *Vendor prefers to HANDLOAD though may be palletized upon request and would be 25 pallets, in that case. *Please note Vendor requests up to 48 hours, if handloaded, and 5 business days, if palletized, to prepare the load for shipment, once paid in full. This load is located at a Residential address, will need pallet jack and liftgate at pickup and vendor will need 4 hours to handload the container/truck.  
Pallet Dims: Prefers to Handload, if possible. If palletized, weight of each pallet is 1,100 lbs.

Asking $1/unit  
Reasonable offers for less may be considered.

Great product for Wholesalers, Retailers, Flea Markets, Online Sellers & more!

New Overstock

Goods never exposed for sale in a retail environment but may no longer be in original factory master case.

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