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New Overstock Manifested Elegant Olive Ceramic Jars

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New Overstock Manifested Elegant Olive Ceramic Jars

Lot Breakdown Summary

  • 250ml $2,496.00 44%
  • Misc jars $1,920.00 34%
  • 500ml $720.00 8%
  • 125ml $360.00 8%
  • C3 set of 3, 1 size $840.00 5%
  • M3 set of 3, 3 sizes $96.00 1%
  • Housewares $6,432.00 100%
  • misc $1,920.00 98%
  • 250ml, 500ml, 750ml $96.00 2%
  • white $1,836.00 45%
  • green $1,680.00 39%
  • black $900.00 17%


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Olive wood is special because it is not exactly common. Olive trees don’t grow very large and their exaggeratedly twisted branches make it difficult to harvest large sections of wood. Therefore, olive wood is far less common than other typical woods you’d find in a home kitchen. Yet, this scarcity also adds to their value.It may seem silly to use wooden products that are seemingly rarer, but olive wood is uniquely suited for long-term use in the kitchen. It doesn’t break down over time in the same way that oak or pine does and, if you treat your olive wood products correctly, you will never have to buy a replacement!



  •  Size: 250ml, 500ml, 750ml
  •  Hand-Made
  • Unbreakable
  •  Eye-Catchy Design
  •  Perfect Gifts for our Family


ADVANTAGES OF USING OLIVE WOOD PRODUCTS IN THE KITCHEN- Olive wood is valued not just for its beauty and rarity but also for its usefulness in the kitchen

  • Olive wood is Durable - Because olive trees grow for hundreds of years and take time to reach a harvest-able size, their wood becomes incredibly dense without becoming overly heavy. In fact, olive wood is so dense that you can hardly even see the growth rings. This makes it highly durable and able to withstand knocks and gashes from a fork or knife
  • Olive wood doesn’t splinter over time - Unlike cheaper wooden products that splinter and fray over time, olive wood’s tight grain makes it highly resistant to wear and tear from everyday use. As long as you properly condition the wood, it will last for years without a single sign of damage.
  • Olive wood is easy to clean - Due to its tight grain, olive wood doesn’t easily stain or absorb odors. Even if it does, you can simply clean the wood with some lemon juice and baking soda. After daily use, you can then clean your olive wood utensils with some warm water and a light detergent but never place olive wood in the dishwasher.
  • Olive wood is hygienic/Anti-bacterial - Olive wood has been found to be an excellent option for use in the kitchen due to its natural oils and antibacterial properties which enable its ability to eliminate bacteria, therefore olive wood is typically considered more hygienic compared to many other kinds of wood



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