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New Overstock Manifested Pet Products

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    New Overstock Manifested Pet Products

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Affordable, Safe & Humane Pet Solutions. No Bark Collar - dog-friendly & humane no-bark training collar uses sound or vibration to distract your dog when barking, stopping the unwanted behavior. (Includes Rechargeable option and Remote trainer w/ USB). Night Light - Protect and locate your furry friend in the dark. Warm Heartbeat Pet Pillow - The calming feeling of maternal warmth and softness coupled with a heartbeat helps to soothe your pet. Curb unwanted barking and calm your pet at bed time! Cool Bones - Leak proof design can be stored on it's side or up-side down. Easy release silicone mold insert Save money by making your own delicious bone-shaped frozen treats! Perfect for teething puppies!

VARIETY OF ITEMS INCLUDES BUT NOT LIMITED TOO: No Bark Collars, Dog Trainer Collar, Warm Heartbeat Pillow for calming, Cool Bonz with Box, Blinkie LED light

SIZES INCLUDE: Small, Large and OS



  • NO Bark Collars - (Includes Rechargeable Options and Remote Trainer w/ USB)
  • Night Light - 1/2 mile visibility, easy clip onto y our pets collar, light flashes for easy location
  • Warm Heartbeat Pillow , Mommys' Beats - Pillow design with Fleece Top
  • Cool Bones - Frozen Treats Tray & Recipe Book - perfect for teething supplies

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