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New Overstock Changing Table Pad Cover Set - Detachable Vest & Toys

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    New Overstock Changing Table Pad Cover Set - Detachable Vest & Toys

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Soft Stretchy Changing Table Pad Cover Set with a detachable vest and attachable toys | Waterproof Unisex Diaper Cradle Sheet - Diaper changing made easy and quick with a soft changing pad cover and detachable vest combo (complete with attachable toys). This item keeps baby in one place and entertained, letting you whip through the changing process without any mess.

1) Secures baby during the diaper change 

2) The softness keeps baby warm


SIZE: Fit 32"/34"x16"

COLOR: (Cream)  


  • Each unit is in their own plastic bag and each unit has a circular tag with the description of the item and UPC number. 
  • UPC code is 85310400500


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Estimated pallets for this load: 9 pallets *Please note: The load is not currently palletized. Will need same day pickup for them to prepare the pallets as the pallets will not fit in storage after they are on pallets. Pickup would need to be later in the day so Vendor can prepare the load. 
Pallet Dims: currently unpalletized 

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