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New Overstock Manifested Variety of Plant Kits, 19 Piece Set

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New Overstock Manifested Variety of Plant Kits, 19 Piece Set

Lot Breakdown Summary

  • Herbal Tea Plant Seeds --> Peppermint-Chamomile-Lemon Balm-Lavender $162.94 28%
  • Additional Salsa Veggies Plant Seeds --> Jalapeno Pepper-Tomato-Onion-Cilantro $120.91 21%
  • Spicy Peppers Plant Kit $3,742.57 16%
  • Salsa Veggies Plant Kit $2,983.94 13%
  • Spicy Peppers Plant Seeds --> Habanero-Cayenne-Anaheim-Jalapeno $72.25 12%
  • Herbal Tea Plant Kit $2,478.19 10%
  • General Merchandise $9,560.80 100%


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Variety of Plant Kits! – Salsa Veggies Plant Kit, Spicy Peppers Plant Kit and Herbal Tea Plant Kit!


  • Make Fresh Homemade Salsa Everyday!
  • This seed starting kit includes four packets of Tomato seeds, Cilantro, Onion, and Jalapeno seeds for planting. Our salsa veggies growing kit is great for your DIY garden.
  • Simple and Easy to Use – Comes with everything you need
  • Premium Quality US Origin Seeds – High Germination
  • Unique Gift for Plant Lovers


Seeds for Planting, Indoor Pepper Seed Starter Kit, Pepper Growing Kit with 4 Pepper Plant Seeds, Wood Planter Box, Soil, Pots, Markers, Vegan Gardening Gifts, Indoor Vegetable Garden Kit!

  • Once you’ve grown accustomed with spicy meals, prepare to satisfy your cravings for recipes with a hint of zing. With the right kind of peppers, you can turn bland dishes into meals with a swirl of flavor and spice. Why not create a garden for your favorite peppers inside your home or a few steps outside your door? It may sound hard and complicated—until you have the right indoor garden kit.
  • Indoor Garden Kit - Looking for fresh peppers for added spice in your homemade recipes? Our Hot Pepper Seeds for Planting contain four types of organic pepper seeds. All heirloom plant seeds are 100% non-GMO. This seed starting kit includes four packets of Habanero seeds, Cayenne Pepper, Anaheim chili peppers, and Jalapeno seeds for planting. Our indoor pepper growing kit is great for your DIY garden.
  • Pepper Plant Garden Starter Kit - Get four variants of hot pepper seeds in our seed starting kit. The hot pepper seeds are perfect for indoor gardening. Cultivate quality heirloom peppers from scratch. Our Hot pepper seeds for planting lets you grow four types of authentic peppers in the comfort of your home. Pick fresh chili peppers from your DIY garden hot pepper kit for your spicy meals--no need to go to the groceries!
  • Indoor Herb Garden Kits and Seed Starting Kit - Been wanting to create a DIY garden, but you're clueless on what to do? This plant grow kit contains 4 types of spicy pepper seeds including habanero seeds, steel scissors, planter box, 4 fabric grow bags with drain holes, 4 bamboo plant markers, 4 soil discs, and an instruction manual. Our indoor grow kit's compact size lets you grow anaheim pepper and chili seeds for planting while giving your seeds the best possible environment for germination.
  • Spicy Pepper Seeds Plant Grow Kit - Your new seed growing kit with chili pepper seeds boasts a unique design. The gift box can be used as a planter to hold all four grow bags during germination period. The planter box's design is perfect for indoor gardening. The chilli seeds for planting are all heirloom quality to ensure more bountiful yields. Don't worry, this garden starter kit with jalapeno pepper is very easy to set up and maintain.
  • Perfect Garden Seeds - Got any friends with green thumbs or loved ones who wants to explore the lush world of indoor gardening? Give them our indoor vegetable garden starter kit and let them plant and cultivate anaheim pepper seeds and cheyenne pepper seeds in the comfort of their home. Each DIY garden plant grow kit comes in an elegant gift box. Novice and adept gardeners will surely love our hot pepper kit for planting-its also a unique and functional gift for pepper lovers!


Seed Starter Kit and Indoor Gardening Kit with Herbal Seeds for Planting, Herb Garden Starter Kit, Herbal Tea Seeds for Tea Growing Kit or Indoor Herb Garden, Gardening Gifts for Women!

  • Imagine if you can harvest tea leaves and flowers in your private garden every time you want to brew fresh tea. Life would become more bearable—you can finally sit down, grab a good book, and drink tea to soothe your senses and feel tranquil after an exhausting day. However, not all teas are made equally. The best ones are made from fresh ingredients.
  • Indoor Herb Garden Kit - It's every tea lover's dream to have an indoor garden where they can harvest herbal tea seeds they planted themselves. This herb garden kit allows you to plant lavender seeds and other organic tea flower and plants right in the comfort of your own home, backyard, or balcony. Let our kitchen garden kit help you brew quality herbal teas. Perhaps your indoor herb garden can use a few addition of herbal seeds for your daily tea time?
  • Herb Garden Starter Kit as Tea Making Kit - This herb garden kit contains chamomile, peppermint, lavender, and lemon balm seeds. Grow the herbal seeds yourself in your kitchen garden and have the luxury of drinking freshly brewed tea any time of the day. We included quality herbal tea seeds in each garden starter kit. We also included burlap grow bags, soil disks, pruning shears, bamboo plant markers, and a wooden gift box that doubles as a planter.
  • Indoor Garden Kit - Our Herbal Garden Starter Kit is a must-have for gardening enthusiasts and tea lovers. The herb garden kit lets you sprout herbal seeds, which you can harvest for fresh tea leaves upon fully growing. Our garden seed starter kit won't take complicated steps to set up and maintain. The seeds for planting are sourced ethically, 100% organic and are non-GMO. We also made sure that our tea garden kit will fit compactly in tight spaces.
  • Garden Starter Kit - Calm your nerves with a nice glass of lavender tea you harvested from your new indoor garden kit! Nothing beats a freshly brewed lavender tea from your kitchen garden kit with seeds for planting. Choose from lavender, chamomile, peppermint, or lemon balm. Use the plant markers, so you can remember which pot you planted your herbal tea seeds for planting in your seed growing kit.
  • Tea Growing Kit - This garden seed starter kit will make an excellent gardening gifts for women, especially for your friends blessed with a green thumb. The indoor herb garden kit can also be one of your gardening gifts for men for your pals who worship freshly brewed tea. The best kind of tea is made with fresh tea leaves--this tea garden kit is suitable for both novice and expert gardeners, and we've got an excellent choice of herbal seeds to help you start!


  • 24 sets (inner) per master / outer carton.
  • Package Details:
    • Height: 7.5 inches
    • Width: 7.5 inches
    • Length: 4.41 inches
    • Weight: 1.1lbs

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