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New Overstock Manifested Period Panties & more!

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New Overstock Manifested Period Panties & more!


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LOAD001 Neck Firming Cream (2 OZ) - Active Peptides and Sodium Hyaluronate - Neck Cream Tightener Creme - Moisturizer for Neck Decollete & Chest- Anti Wrinkle Creams

  • Expiration Date - 3/31/2024
  • FOB: Florida
  • PREVENT SIGNS OF AGING: For a more youthful, radiant appearance, and to help prevent wrinkles, apply skin firming cream and massage neck tightening cream into the skin for optimal absorption.
  • COLLAGEN SUPPORT: The peptides in our skin tightening cream promote skin elasticity, density and resilience; neck skin firming cream supports collagen production for a tight appearance.
  • SENSITIVE SKIN: Zenavea firming skin care is ideal for all skin types; this extra firming cream and face moisturizer visibly plumps sagging skin; take better care of sensitive and extra dry skin.
  • DAILY USE SKINCARE: Use the neck care cream daily, in the morning before makeup and at night after cleansing; massage into skin for best action; ideal for women 35 years and older with distressed skin or the first signs of aging.
  • MADE IN USA: Zenavea skin firming products, like the neck firming cream made in USA, are best-seller facial skin care products.

LOAD002 Zenapoki - Probiotics for Dogs and Puppies - Fiber Supplement Pumpkin & Ginger - Pet Supplies for All Dogs

  • Expiration Date - 12/2022
  • FOB: NY
  • AIDS YOUR DOG’S DIGESTION: You may not be able to prevent dog from eating poop, but our unique blend of prebiotics, dog probiotics and digestive enzymes keeps your dog’s digestive and immune systems healthy when they do
  • FOR ANY BREED OF DOG: Dog probiotic supplement designed for all breeds; add the right dose of dog vitamins, based on their weight, to your dog's diet
  • HEALTHY: Our dog vitamins and supplements made with pumpkin, ginger, insulin, coconut, and Omega-3s provide your dog with essential nutrients; the ingredients in the Zenapoki probiotic for dogs tablets are good for your dog’s health
  • NO MORE TUMMY TROUBLE: Gas and other stomach ailments can make your dog uncomfortable; taking daily chewable vitamin supplements balances gut flora and gives your dog the gentle relief they need
  • MADE IN THE USA: The dog supplement recipe and ingredients were developed with love at laboratories in the USA; at Zenapoki, we care about animals’ well-being, which starts with good digestion

LOAD003 Set of 3 Period Underwear, Women's Black Organic Cotton Washable Absorbent Menstrual Underwear, Period Underwear Panties, Enviornmentally Friendly, 4 Leak-proof Layers, Girls & Women

  • FOB:CA
  • Women's underwear for menstruation – The panties from Zenaphyr offer protection for moderate bleeding with a suction power that corresponds to about 4 tampons and provides protection for 12 hours. Thanks to the high comfort, our women's cotton underpants protect you from moisture and leaks.
  • We make ourselves strong for your intimate hygiene: our bamboo and organic cotton women's briefs are Oeko-Tex and GOTS certified, so that compliance with the highest standards is ensured. In addition, the pants respect the pH value of your intimate area
  • 4-layer technology – Our period panties have been designed to prevent any leakage of the women's underwear cotton and ensure maximum comfort. The women's hipster consists of four layers: 1) organic cotton that absorbs the menstrual blood and carries it into the layers underneath. It has antibacterial and odour-neutralising properties. 2) Untra absorbent microfibre material, 3) Polyester, a material where leakage protection is particularly
  • Environmentally friendly, durable and pollutant-free solution – Our goal is to offer you meaningful and resource-saving monthly hygiene products such as integrated fabric sanitary pads panties. Since your physical well-being, your needs and our planet are very important to us, our women's underwear set is free from harmful substances, environmentally friendly and it can be reused for years.
  • Easy to use and clean – because our multi-pack of 3 women's cotton underwear, you can change the underwear several times a day. They are very easy to clean and dry quickly. The women's briefs are washable by hand or (after rinsing with cold water) in the washing machine.

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  • LOADOO1 - 2 pallets 
  • Pallet 1 @ 48x40x36 … 698 pounds (27 cartons) (100 units per carton) 
  • Pallet 2 @ 48x40x34 … 314 pounds (7 cartons w/ 100 units per carton, 1 carton w/ 115 units)
  • LOADOO2 - 3 pallets 
  • Skid #1 - 1412 pcs. - 1,124 lbs., 48" x 40" x 65"
  • Skid #2 - 1440 pcs. - 1,138 lbs., 48" x 41" x 52"
  • Skid #3 - 1440 pcs. - 1,165 lbs., 48" x 40" x 53"
  • 24 pcs. per box, total 178 boxes + 20 jars = 4,292 pcs. total
  • LOAD003 -  2 pallets

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