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New Overstock Manifested Paddleboard Paddles and Inflateable Hoops

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New Overstock Manifested Paddleboard Paddles and Inflateable Hoops - (No Boards)


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Paddles with black mesh and water bouncing ball with logo


  • 1. No touching the ball with your hands
  • 2. The object of the game is to catch a ball in one end-zone. Similar to ultimate frisbee. One point is awarded to players that catch a ball in their end zone.*
  • 3. Bumping into another board results in a turnover of the ball.**
  • 4. Once a goal has been scored, both teams change ends.
  • 5. Players may throw the ball in front of them to move forward no more than 5 throws.
  • 6. Players may hold on to the ball for no more than 12 seconds.
  • 7. Size of the field is 100 yards by 50 yards wide. End zones are 10 yards deep by 50 yards wide.
  • 8. No hitting the ball out of an opponent’s paddle if they are holding it.
  • 9. ‘Jump balls’ (with alternating possession arrows) are used when fighting over the ball becomes too time-consuming.
  • 10. The game starts when one team throws the ball off from their end-zone to the other team in their respective end-zone. The receiving team automatically gets the ball on the throw-off.
  • 11. Two fifteen minute halves are played. The team with the most points wins.
  • 12. There are three persons per team.***

In lieu of end-zones, traditional soccer-style nets or inflatable (UFOs) holes may be used. Beginners may also make a “point” by being the first player to hold a ball in the end zone, rather than catching the ball in the air.

** Full-contact versions of the sport may be played if game organizers allow it.

*** More players are also allowed if game organizers allow it.

QUANTITIES INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO: 712 units of Paddleboard Paddles and 228 units of Inflateable Hoops (2Pack) * Please see manifest for details!



  • PACKING – Brown Boxes

 Pallet information are estimates and are subject to change 
Estimated pallets for this load: 25 pallets/lot *Please note this is located in a storage facility and Vendor requests up to 5 business days to prepare the load for shipment after paid in full. 
Pallet Dims: Currently Unpalletized

Asking $8/unit for Paddles and $3/unit for Inflateable holes 
Reasonable offers for less may be considered.

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