Online Customer Return General Merchandise Loads - Estimate $90,000 Value

  • From 12% of Retail
    • New Arrivals

    As-Is Online Customer Return General Merchandise Loads

  • Customer Returns

    Items returned to the retailer by the consumer. Items are not brand new and are in varying conditions.

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Other Things to Note

  • All Lots are Manifested.

  • LiquidateNow offers are typically one-time opportunistic deals.

  • Confirm purchase immediately at listed price or make an offer.

  • Offers for less than listed price and/or less than entire inventory may be considered.


  • Kansas City, KS

Price: 12% of Retail

Retail Value: initially invoiced @ $90,000

Initially invoiced @ $90,000.
Values can typically range from $60,000 to $115,000.
Within 2-4 business days post shipment manifest will be released and provided to you.
Invoice will be adjusted to reflect accurate value and price.
Balance will be credited back or requested.

Liquidation of Manifested Online Customer Return General Merchandise Loads.

Multiple Loads available. 

Pictures are representative of the products.

Loads are likely to include, but not limited to: Furniture, Home & Garden, Office Supplies, Electronics, Fashion Accessories, Baby, Bedding & Bath, Clothing, HBA, Holiday, Luggage, Sports & Toys, Pet Supplies, and more.

Typically there are 24 pallets per load. However, they may be condensed to less upon shipment.

Ocean containers and domestic loads may be floor loaded.
Floor loaded loads are intially invoiced @ $100,000.

Great products for Retailers and Wholesalers!

You are purchasing Liquidated Merchandise - All Sales are Final, AS-IS, with no Guarantees, Warranties, Exchanges or Refunds.
Customer Satisfaction & Success is our Goal. We commit to try to set the most accurate expectations we can & resolve any issues in a quick and fair manner.
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