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Licensed Candy Scented Sanitizer

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    Manifested pallets of licensed candy sanitizer.

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    Goods never exposed for sale in a retail environment but may no longer be in original factory master case.

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Goods include: 2 x 2.7oz Airheads sanitizer with blue raspberry and strawberry scents, 2 x 2.7oz Icee Cherry sanitizer cherry scented, 2 x 2.7oz Warheads sanitizer with green apple and lemon scents, 2 x 2.7oz Mike & Ikes Sanitizer with lemon and strawberry scents, 1oz Smarties sanitizer strawberry scented, 1oz Airheads Sanitizer watermelon scented.


UPC Description
37171693502 2 x 2.7oz Airheads Sanitizer with blue raspberry and   strawberry scents
711237958216 2 x 2.7oz Icee Cherry Sanitizer scented
711237958483 2 x 2.7oz Warheads Sanitizer with green apple and lemon   scents
711237957998 2 x 2.7oz Mike & Ikes Sanitizer with Lemon and strawberry   scents
711237958216 2 x 2.7oz Icee Cherry Sanitizer scented
703205996092 1oz Smarties Sanitizer
703205996122 1oz Airheads Sanitizer

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