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Assorted Case Packs of Shelf Pull Cosmetics – Variety of Brands & Products

  • 1 Case
    • Sold Out

    Assorted Case Packs of Shelf Pull Cosmetics – Variety of Brands & Products – Quantity Varies in each Case Pack: approx. 160-180 units in each Case Pack.

  • Shelf Pulls

    Items exposed for sale in a retail environment but then removed from the shelves

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  • LiquidateNow offers are typically one-time opportunistic deals.

  • Confirm purchase immediately at listed price or make an offer.

  • Offers for less than listed price and/or less than entire inventory may be considered.

  • Shelf Pulls
  • Unmanifested
  • Sold at $200/Case Pack
  • For domestic sales in the USA. These are not good for international shipping

INCLUDING BRANDS SUCH AS BUT, NOT LIMITED TOO: Maybelline, Beauty Creations, Revlon, Covergirl, KISS, Wet N Wild, Physicians Formula, LOREAL, NYX, Sally Hansen & More!

INCLUDING PRODUCTS SUCH AS BUT, NOT LIMITED TOO: Lipstick, Lipliner, Nail Polish, Foundation, Nail Care Tools, Bronzer, Highlighter, Lip-gloss, Mascara, Brow Tint Pen, Press-On Nails, Eye-Shadow, Makeup Brushes, Hand Cream & More!


  • All goods are retail ready
  • Shelf Pulls – Typically new and never been used. Though, small % of items may show signs of wear & tear
  • Pictures are just samples.

Asking $200/Case Pack

Great product for Retailers, Flea Markets, Online Sellers & more!

Please note: Shelf pulls are items that were already exposed for sale in a retail environment but have been “pulled” from the shelfs and chosen to be liquidated by the store. These goods are typically New and have never been used. Shelf pulls would have been handled multiple times during the process of getting them from the store back to a Liquidator & a % of items may shows signs of excessive handling & may have stains or slight imperfections. Production dates are unknown and some of the goods may be past their expiration.

You are purchasing Liquidated Merchandise - All Sales are Final, AS-IS, with no Guarantees, Warranties, Exchanges or Refunds.
Customer Satisfaction & Success is our Goal. We commit to try to set the most accurate expectations we can & resolve any issues in a quick and fair manner.
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