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New Overstock Dietary Supplements and CBD Lotion

  • $1.00 / unit
  • 21,929 units
  • 10 Pallets
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    Manifested Memory|Energy|Cellular Support Capsules and CBD Pain Relief Lotion

  • New Overstock

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  • New Overstock CBD Pain Re
  • 68%
  • New Overstock Cellular Su
  • 17%
  • New Overstock Memory Supp
  • 15%
  • New Overstock CBD Pain Re
  • $15,019
  • New Overstock Cellular Su
  • $3,717
  • New Overstock Memory Supp
  • $3,193
  • New Overstock CBD Pain Re
  • 15019
  • New Overstock Cellular Su
  • 3717
  • New Overstock Memory Supp
  • 3193
  • New Overstock CBD Pain Re68%
  • New Overstock Cellular Su17%
  • New Overstock Memory Supp15%
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New Overstock Memory Support and Energy Dietary Supplements may help promote clear thinking, sharp memory, and immune support.

New Overstock Cellular Support Dietary supplements may help promote blood flow, memory, and weight loss.

New Overstock CBD Pain Relief Lotion 4fl.oz. with pump dispenser may help relief pain.

  • Total of 21,929 units of Memory and Cellular Support Supplements with CBD Pain Relief Lotion
  • Sold as Flat price of $1/unit
  • Retail Value of $1,903,701
  • Total 10 pallets

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Item Size Description Units Sum of Appx. Unit Retail Sum of Your EXT Price Sum of Your Unit Price $ Expiration/Manufacturer Date
CBD Pain   Relief Lotion 4 Fl.oz. with pump dispenser Contains phtocannabinoid-rich hemp oil (CBD), New Zealand   Manuka honey, and organic camphor oil. 15019 $79.00 $15,019.00 $1.00 Exp 11/2021
Cellular   Support Dietary Supplements 60 capsules/unit Contains NMN (B-Nicotinamide mononucleotide) 250mg,   Resveratrol (98% Trans-Reveratrol) 300mg, BiopPerine(piper nigrum, fruit   extract) 10 mg 3717 $150.00 $3,717.00 $1.00 MFG 4/2020
Memory   Support and Energy Dietary Supplements 30 capsules/unit Contains coenzyme Q10 100mg per capsule, PDQ (pyrroloquinoline   quinone disodium salt) 20mg,BiopPerine(piper nigrum, fruit extract) 5 mg 3193 $50.00 $3,193.00 $1.00 Exp 2/2022
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