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Assorted Bins of New Shelf-Pull Licensed Sports Clothing

  • Single & Multi Pallet
  • $3.99 / unit
  • 250 units
  • Bin
    • Sold Out

    Assorted Bins of New Shelf-Pull NCAA, NBA, NHL, NFL & more Licensed Sports Clothing

  • Shelf Pulls

    Items exposed for sale in a retail environment but then removed from the shelves

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Buy 1 Bin for $997.50 ($3.99/unit)

Buy 2 Bins for $937.50 each
($3.75/unit) & Save 6% or $60.00

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Unmanifested & sold at a Flat Price per unit

  • Large Mix of different types of apparel, teams & Sports Leagues & Associations
  • All items are new shelf-pulls, with large majority still in individual polybag
  • Most items have original manufacturer tags intact
  • Predominant Association is NCAA but you will get items across all Sports Leagues & Associations and may also receive a small % of International teams
  • Interested in Purchasing a Large Volume? Please contact us

Seaters, Sweatshirts, Shirts, Pants, Shorts, Outerwear, Jackets, Jerseys & more

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