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Plus Size Women’s Manifested Online Customer Return Clothing Lots

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Plus Size Women’s Manifested Clean Online Customer Return Clothing Lots – Assorted colors, styles of T-Shirts, Dresses, Skirts, Jumpsuits & More! Majority of items are still in polybags with original price tags!


Assorted Women’s Plus Size Clothing. Manifested. Sold at a % of Retail Value. Clean Online Customer Returns

The plus-size market in the US has experienced significant growth in recent years, driven by increasing demand, changing perceptions of body positivity, and the industry's response to inclusivity. According to a recent article, the plus-size market has been growing at a faster rate than the straight-size market, with the UK's plus-size women's clothing stores experiencing an average industry growth of 1.9% from 2015 to 2020. Additionally, the plus-size apparel industry in the US has an estimated market value of $24 billion!! Retailers and fashion brands are recognizing the potential and profitability of catering to the plus-size demographic, leading to a greater availability of fashionable and diverse options for plus-size consumers. Plus-size clothing defies societal norms by celebrating larger-than-average bodies and promoting individual style. Sizing in the United States varies among retailers, but typically starts at size 12 or 14. Interestingly, the average U.S. women's dress size falls between 16 and 18, highlighting that plus-size is actually the new normal. Despite this, it is often overlooked as such. Nevertheless, plus-size fashion embraces diversity, empowering people of all shapes and sizes to express themselves confidently through a wide range of designs, reminding us that beauty knows no bounds.

Price: 7.5% of Retail for Bins and 7% Retail for Gaylords

  • Fully Manifested
  • Sold at % of Retail
  • Images on each Manifests!
  • Quantities Typically Ranges From: Approx. 225 units per Bin and Approx. 600 units per Gaylord *Please see manifests for more details
  • Retail Pricing Typically Ranges From: Approx. $26/unit to $30/unit *Please see manifests for more details
  • Plus Size Women’s Clothing
  • Clean Online Returns
  • Majority of item’s in polybags with original price tags

Typically includes items such as but not limited to: Dresses, Blouses, T-Shirts, Cami’s, Sweaters, Knit Cardigans, Skirts, Shorts, Pants, Leggings, Jumpsuits, Loungewear & more.

Plus size clothing including sizes such as but not limited to: 10/M, 12/L, 14-16/1X, 18-20/2X, 22-24/3X, 26/4X, 28/5X, 30/6X & more.

Please review sample images to get a better understanding of what to expect.
Please see individual manifests for the specific contents, values & price of each available load.

Great product for Wholesalers, Retailers, Flea Markets, Online Sellers & more!

Customer Returns

Items returned to the retailer by the consumer. Items are not brand new and are in varying conditions.

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