Department Store Return Bicycle Truckloads & Containers
  • Trailers come floor loaded as pictured. Approximately 250 units per Load. Loads are unmanifested and there is no firm unit count.
  • Brands can include: Mongoose, Trouble Maker, Razor, Vitesse Racing, Deluxe, Columbia Built, Dynacraft & more.
  • Some models may include: (Mongoose) R1504WMB,R1495WMB,R1840WMA; (Schwinn) S2508WMB; (Huffy) 51975, 51935, 52955; (Dynacraft) DJ07202015; (Roadmaster) R3012WME. * Loads may also include Licensed Bikes such as Disney, Hello Kitty, Minions etc.
  • Loads are unmanifested, have a mixture of adult and kids bikes as well as a mix of out-of-box and in-box bike which will vary from load to load. Please see pictures to get a better understanding of the kind & condition of bicycles found on those loads.
  • Direct Truckloads:
    • FOB NV: Flat $6,000/Load (approx. $24/unit based on 250 units)
    • FOB IN: Flat $5,000/Load (Approx. $20/unit based on 250 units)
  • Ocean Containers
  • Price: Flat $29/unit FOB: Los Angeles for Ocean Containers (Approx. 400 - 450 units floor loaded can fit in a 40'-45' High Cube Ocean Container. Ocean container Pricing & Loads is Limited to Out of Box Bicycles Only.
  • These AS-IS Customer Return loads & products will be in varying conditions. While many units may be in perfect condition, Dents, Scratches, bent frames, handles, incomplete sets, missing parts etc. can commonly to be found on a % of the units.
  • Please note there is No Guarantee of:
    • Any specific unit count in the loads
    • Any % of In Box vs Out of Box
    • Any % of Adult vs Kids
  • Please review sample images to get a better understanding of what to expect. You are purchasing Liquidated Merchandise - All Sales are Final, AS-IS, with no Guarantees, Warrantees, Exchanges or Refunds. We commit to try to set the most accurate expectations we can & resolve any issues in a quick and fair manner
WM Department Store Return Bicycle Truckloads
SKU: LOAD-VWMBICY     Condition: Customer Returns     Lot Size: Approx 250     Packing: Load     Manifest Status: Unmanifested     F.O.B: Los Angeles,NV,IN