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Como una de las compañías de crecimiento más rápido en los Estados Unidos, Via Trading siempre está buscando agregar nuevos talentos que coincidan con sus aspiraciones. Hay muchas razones por las que usted puede considerar convertirse en un miembro de nuestro equipo:

Equipo de Ventas

Únase a una empresa líder en la liquidación al por mayor

Via Trading es reconocida entre las empresas de liquidación mayorista como la líder en los Estados Unidos. La compañía ha sido calificada por Los Angeles Business Journal y Inc 5000 como una de las compañías de más rápido crecimiento en Los Ángeles y en todo el país durante siete años consecutivos.

Benefíciese de un enfoque empresarial

Como entidad de propiedad privada, tomamos un enfoque empresarial para nuestro negocio. Animamos a nuestro equipo a adoptar la perspectiva de que Via Trading es su compañía. Los miembros de nuestro equipo son responsables de sus resultados y son capaces de influir en cómo continuamos creciendo. Nos esforzamos continuamente para cumplir con nuestra misión de ser reconocidos por nuestros clientes y proveedores como una organización de clase mundial que es vital para sus necesidades.

Equipo del Almacén

Prospere en un entorno dinámico

Los miembros del equipo están expuestos a un entorno de ritmo rápido y una multitud de retos diarios. A diferencia de otras organizaciones, creemos que nuestro crecimiento no tiene límites y en nuestras manos.

Desarrolle una formación integral

Todos los nuevos miembros del equipo pasan por un programa especializado de incorporación para mejorar su conocimiento de la industria y para conocer sus habilidades. Uno de nuestros valores fundamentales es desarrollar y hacer crecer nuestros miembros del equipo. Posteriormente, se lleva a cabo una formación continua. Actualmente ofrecemos un Programa de Administración, una Academia de Liderazgo y Gestión 101 para nuestros recientemente ascendidos miembros del equipo y con talento.


Prepárese para crecer en su trayectoria profesional

En Via Trading estamos orgullosos de reclutar desde dentro y fomentar el desarrollo de nuestro equipo. Evaluamos nuestro equipo a través de determinadas competencias necesarias para tener éxito en los roles específicos y poner en marcha planes de desarrollo personal para ayudar en su desarrollo general y en sus objetivos de carrera.

Ponte a prueba con un potencial de ingresos significativo

Ofrecemos salarios competitivos y programas de incentivos y como una de las principales organizaciones de liquidación al por mayor, el potencial de ingresos es significativo. Ofrecemos Plan 401 (k), así como seguro médico de contribución significativa, seguro dental y pago de vacaciones.

Equipo de Oficina


Qué piensa el equipo de trabajar en Via?

Mike S.

Account Manager

“Via Trading is a company like no other. A small family owned business with an enterprise mentality that just keeps growing. It’s an oxymoron but it’s an extremely fast paced yet relaxed environment where you get back what you put in! No two days are alike making it a never ending learning experience. You’re constantly meeting new people both domestically & internationally from up and comers to established business owners who help you grown along the way. After years with this ever growing company I can proudly say that I’m still learning everyday. Working at Via Trading has become more of a life style as opposed to a job/career. You literally live and breathe it day in day out… a few dreams and nightmares along the way have kept things interesting as well.”

Jose R.


“I enjoy working at Via because every day is a new opportunity to learn new things and developing myself in many ways. The company has not only developed my communication skills, but I have lost a fear I had about interacting with people like customers, vendors and trucking companies. Like “Drake” says, “We started from the bottom, now we’re here.” The company gave me a chance to move up from working in the warehouse to a position in the Logistics Department and has taken care of me as I never expected them to. Overall it gives you a chance to prove to yourself that you can do much more than what you thought you were capable of, with the help and support from the founders and leaders of the company.”

Silvia S.

Account Manager

“I love working for Via Trading because it has offered me the opportunity to grow professionally while allowing me to apply my existing skills and learn new ones. I appreciate how every day presents different challenges, requiring me to push myself to learn new things and advance within the company. This makes it very easy for me to stay motivated. As an account manager, I'm pleased to contribute to and be part of our customers' growth and success. The work environment is excellent—everyone is friendly and always willing to lend a hand. I think the team is fantastic, and I'm proud to be a part of it. Via Trading has provided me with an excellent balance of stability, recognition, challenges, and a dynamic work environment.”

Justin P.

Account Manager

“The number one thing that interested me in Via Trading was the atmosphere. It's fast paced yet people smile and are helpful. People are upbeat and genuine. Unlike other companies who talked the talk, Via walked the walk. My choice to work here was based on 2 things: the people and the work. Corporations, whether they mean to or not, develop a corporate persona that may or may not fit your personality. This encompasses many things from ethics to goals to the type of people that will be your coworkers. Via just feels right. Team members feel appreciated and are recognized for their dedication and hard work. The compensation, solid benefits, and opportunities for professional development provide a genuine satisfaction. Via is a strong, solid, stable company.”

Adan S.

Account Manager

“What I like about working at Via is that they take the time to train us to make sure that we have all the right tools to do our job right. It’s a family oriented business and they’re very understanding about the fact that many of us have families that we need to spend time with as well. I also love that we have the opportunity to help others by providing them the opportunity to start their own businesses, and that makes me feel good because we allow people to better their situations. I love my coworkers – they’re all fun and easy to work with and that makes a big difference when you wake up every morning knowing you’re going to enjoy your day.”

Benjamin W.

Account Manager

“Via management and co-workers encourage success, thoroughly training and willingly sharing knowledge. Via’s intimate team culture includes company picnics, Christmas parties, a soccer league, trade-shows, sales team dinners, etc. Via staff is diverse and well-traveled, speaking Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, Turkish, and Arabic. Having developed business in 40+ countries, I am continually learning about cultures, communication styles, and international markets. My always-growing customer base consistently relies on my advice and our supply. As Via acquires better supply and develops more efficient communication tools, my commission-influenced paycheck increases significantly. Success at Via comes through hard work, a confident attitude, use of technology, and learning from co-workers and managers. As an account manager, you are given autonomy, so your success is a result of your efforts and ability to adapt.”

Via Trading Chat