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Soporte a la Comunidad (2016, Inglés)

Via Trading and Victory Outreach collaborated in December for a community event in Huntington Park. Victory Outreach’s recovery homes work with young men and women who overcome their addictions through group living, community involvement, faith-based curriculum, and peer accountability. Their community center focuses on family counseling and children’s programs such as puppet shows, music, and moralistic teaching.

Via Trading donated a couple hundred toys to Victory Outreach for their event in December. The toys were then given away to children around Huntington Park – many coming from families with limited resources. Via Trading employees who volunteered at the event said that the line of families with children stretched down the block, around a corner, and around another corner. Volunteers from the recovery homes helped usher families in and out of the give-away area. Contact information was gathered from attending families, and Victory Outreach will follow-up to extend their services to those in need. Via Trading was happy to give and grateful to see the impact that a donation can make.

  • Please contact Pastor Manuel Raul for more information on Victory Outreach and their programs.
  • His number is 213.249.0481

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