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Support Solutions (2016, Inglés)

The winter of 2016 started off bringing unusually cold temperatures. Via Trading participated in providing boots to LA’s homeless. Needless to say as soon as some people started wearing them they became overwhelmed. We thank the staff of Support Solutions for allowing us to participate is such a necessary community service.

You made our day!

Thank you for donating a pallet of ninety pairs of work boots to keep LA’s homeless population warm this winter. Via Trading’s efforts instill in us a true appreciation for corporate social responsibility.

One man (pictured to the right) was wearing only socks when we met him on a cold night in Los Angeles. He had tears in his eyes when we told him someone cared enough to give us a pair of boots in his size. In addition to putting shoes on cold feet, we are using your donations to enhance our Employment Program. Participants who have put the time and effort into finding a job now get a boost as they rejoin the workforce with a brand new pair of shoes!

To Mike and the compassionate team at Via Trading, thank you for investing in your homeless neighbors. It means the world to us!

In appreciation,
Luke Ellison
Support Solutions

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