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Exceso de Inventario Manifestado de Cubo Enfriador de 1600ml

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    Exceso de Inventario Manifestado de Cubo Enfriador de 1600ml

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Wine Chiller Bucket-No Ice Wine Bucket for Single Bottle. - White Wine Bottle Chiller/Champagne (Stainless Steel) Bucket plus Wine Bottle Stopper. Gift for Wine Lovers.

Keeps Wine & Champagne Chill & Fresh: Place your pre-chilled bottle in the white wine and champagne bucket, keeping your drink 50oF (10oC) cooler lasting you between 2-4 hours. Long enough to watch a short movie or entertain your guest over a home dinner party, till the last glass. The double wall insulation prevents your favorite drink from becoming warm too quickly. The bonus crystal wine bottle stopper keeps your wine and champagne fresh too!

Take Your Chilled Wine On-The-Go: No more interruptions in the midst of your gathering and entertainment, having to run to the refrigerator for refills! Bring your bottle with you in this lightweight (1.91lbs or 460g) wine bottle chiller where ever you are.

Entertain with Charm & Style: Get ready to receive compliments from family, friends and guests when you drink or host in this modern, sleek & minimalist wine chiller bucket. Say goodbye to ugly condensation rings on your kitchen or table top when you use this no-ice bucket for wine instead of the conventional wine ice bucket. The perfect single bottle wine chiller bucket with crystal wine bottle stopper for entertainment at home.

Great Gift for Every Occasion: Since it is a perfect companion for every occasion, buy our wine bucket chiller as gifts for wine lovers. Includes a bonus elegant crystal wine bottle stopper! Perfect wine lover gifts for women or men during Christmas, birthday, anniversary, wedding & house warming parties.


Is there anything worse than a warm glass of your favorite wine? We think not.

The best temperature for serving most wines is between 40 and 60 degrees. So, whether you are a wine lover, a party host extraordinaire, or simply like to enjoy a cold glass of champagne under a warm summer day, a wine chiller bucket is essential.

Fortunately, we've got a chic wine chiller bucket or champagne bucket perfect for every occasion. Purchase as wine gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, engagement parties, or mini gatherings. You and your love ones will be able to drink a cool beverage thanks to our high-quality stainless steel wine chiller, no ice bucket.

Be the perfect host!; serve your wines at the perfect temperature with our high-quality wine bottle cooler!

This iceless stainless steel wine chiller bucket offers outstanding insulation while also being durable, safe and corrosion resistant. With its simple scientific design, you can trust our wine chiller bucket to retain the perfect temperature, flavor and aroma of your favorite wine.

Despite its chic appearance, this wine bottle cooler is a much more lightweight and durable alternative when compared to a marble wine chiller or ice bucket for wine. So, you can easily bring along this light and small wine cooler to attend your occasion. It can even be included as a delivery gift!

The best part is its sweat-less so there’ll be no condensation or drips to ruin your table compared to the conventional wine ice bucket. All in all, it’s the best choice for you and your love ones.

Not convinced? Learn more about our Wine Chiller below:
- Material: Industrial-Grade Stainless-Steel
- Color: Silver
- Dimensions: 4.69 inches (Diameter) x 7.60 inches (Height) / 54.1 oz
- Weight: 1.05 lb


  • Retail Packaging
  • 226 cartons, in 8 pallets, 2750 kg/6062lb


Pallet information are estimates and are subject to change
Estimated pallets for this load: 6 pallets, *Please note Vendor requests up to 2 business days to prepare load for shipment.
Pallet Dims: Currently Unknown

Asking $2/unit
Reasonable offers for less may be considered.

Great product for Wholesalers, Retailers, Flea Markets, Online Sellers & more!

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