Assorted Heaters

Lot Details

Condition: Customer Returns
# of Units: ~70 Units
Unit Price: ~$7.12/Unit
Lot Price: $499.00  /Pallet
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    Wholesale heaters - brand name!

    Approximately 70 units per pallet

    Approximately 90% will be in box and 10% out of box.

    All heaters are untested customer returns, in their original retail boxes. Boxes may have been opened and most show signs of handling.

    Great variety of brands in each pallet: Pelonis, Honeywell, Holmes, Patton, Delonghi, Sunbeam and more!

    Pallets may include the following types of heaters: Ceramic heaters, 360 degree Surround heaters, Oil filled heaters, whole room heaters, radiant heaters (1500 watts), wall-mountable fan-forced heaters, heater fans, quartz heaters, portable propane heaters and more!

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    Customer Returns
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    Spec Sheet
    • Be prepared to test the items to make sure they are working before you sell them as such. Consider selling non-working items as-is, or repairing them prior to resale.
    • Be prepared to let your customer know the working condition of the item. Many people are handy with electronics and will be very willing to buy a non-working unit at a great price if they have the ability to repair it themselves.
    • Make a deal with a local repair shop in your area and exchange repairs for free merchandise - have the technician repair your defective units and give him one or two in exchange for his work, or a percentage of your profits.
    • Mix and match products to restore items to full working condition. If you have two toaster ovens and both are missing parts, take parts from one unit to restore the second unit to full sellable condition.