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Barg-N-Binz Picks Via Trading For its Customer Service

Andrew Yasparro operates a brick and mortar liquidation store in New Port Richey, Florida. Barg-N-Binz offers a diverse set of discounted items, ranging from scooters and motorbikes to vacuum cleaners and floor lamps. The assortment of goods carried by the store changes frequently.

Sourcing Problem

Just like many other liquidation store owners, Andrew stocks up his shelves from a variety of sources. Finding goods to buy for resale is fairly easy– there is an abundance of bulk items available online and through brick and mortar suppliers.

“I buy goods from many stores,” said Andrew Yasparro. “Finding goods is not really a problem.” On the other hand, according to Andrew, getting personalized service can often be challenging. He is busy running a business, and appreciates when customer reps inform him about shipments that can work for his store.

“Good customer service is very important to me,” commented Andrew. “And it’s not always easy to find online suppliers I’m comfortable working with.”


Andrew found Via Trading by searching for liquidation sources online. He placed his first order about a year ago, and has been a customer ever since, thanks to the dedication of his assigned rep, Justin.

“For me, it’s all about the right quantity, quality, and specific brands,” commented Andrew. “My rep helps me get what I want. He knows my business, and calls me when he gets a shipment of what I need.”

Even though Andrew strongly prefers to source things locally, he made a big exception for Via Trading. “I’m on the East coast. If not for the customer service, I wouldn’t have considered working with a store on the West coast.”

Andrew intends to continue buying from Via Trading as long as he is happy with his rep. “I’m very comfortable with my rep. I will continue working with Via Trading, as long as the quality of service stays the same,” continued Andrew.

When asked if he would recommend Via Trading to his friends, Andrew joked, “I would have, but I don’t want to attract competition.”

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