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Via Trading Recognized as CA Small Business of the Year in 2014 (dist. #63)

Via Trading Recognized as CA Small Business of the Year in 2014

On Monday, June 16th, 2014, Via Trading was honored by Assemblyman Anthony Rendon at California Small Business Day in Sacramento. Via Trading was recognized as small business of the year in district #63 for our dedication and contributions to the community. Via regularly partners with local organizations such as Volunteer L.A., the L.A. Sheriff Youth Foundation, Union Rescue Mission, the Watts Labor Community Action Committee and many others to help improve the quality of life of our neighbors.

The liquidation industry, coupled with Via Trading’s emphasis on reseller education help create many opportunities for income generation and entrepreneurship. California Small Business Day honored 75 small businesses for their contribution to the state’s economy. Small business contributes to 75% of California’s gross state product and over half of the state’s private sector jobs. From hardware stores to manufacturers, small businesses are engrained in California’s communities and economy. We were honored to receive this recognition and had a great day visiting the Capitol grounds. Thank you Assemblyman Rendon!

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