Assorted Case Pack | Revlon Assorted New Overstock Cosmetic & Accessory Lots

Lot Details

Condition: New Overstock
# of Units: 250 units
Unit Price: $1.35-1.55 / unit
Lot Details: $387.50  /Case
  • Buy 2 or more: $1.50/ - $375.00/lot (Save 3% or $12.50 )
  • Buy 4 or more: $1.40/ - $350.00/lot (Save 10% or $37.50 )
  • Buy 8 or more: $1.35/ - $337.50/lot (Save 13% or $50.00 )
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    Wholesale Revlon Cosmetics

    New Overstock

    Assortment of 250 pcs per case

    • Well known branded goods
    • Items come both loose & carded - all retail-ready!
    • A percentage of the items come in small master cases.
    • You pay approximately 10-15% of true retail value!
    • Lots may include a small percentage of Almay branded items.
    • Lots include a percentage of personal care accessories (nail buffers, tweezers, clippers, etc)
    • A percentage of the items may come with retail stickers on them
    • The majority of the makeup items are loose/bulk (not carded)
    • Good mix of colors in each lot (popular colors!)

    Lots typically contain: Revlon Nail Art Enamel, Photoready Make-Up, Nail Art Stick Spinner, Colorburst Lip Balm, Revlon Makeup, Color Stay Eyeshadow, Collection Nail File, Colorstay Shadow links, Almay Smart Shade Concealer, Almay Shadow Softies eye shadow.

    Approximate breakdown of items per lot:

    • Skin/Face 40%
    • Lips 16%
    • Nails 24%
    • Eyes 15%
    • Body 5%

    Each lot will include several sheets of hang tags to allow you to hang and showcase the items attractively on a retail display.

    Please note: These lots are for shipping within the continental USA only. Click here for the international option.

    Product Condition
    New Overstock
    # of Units
    # of Pallets
    Los Angeles
    Manifested / Links
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    Spec Sheet
    • Purchase a custom assorted cosmetics floor standing retail display to help merchandise the products attractively.
    • Offer volume discounts - buy 5 and get 6 free. Buy 3 for $10 - instead of just charging by the piece.
    • Purchase a cosmetics display to attractively merchandise the items - eye catching for the consumer.
    • Highlight the brand name(s) on a poster near the display to attract attention - branded goods sell themselves based on their name.
    • If selling at a flea market, bring an umbrella or some kind of shade to make sure none of the items melt as a result of heat or sun exposure.
    • If selling online, create small "gift packs" of items that might include a mascara, a lipstick, a foundation and an eye pencil to increase the amount of every individual sale, rather than selling the items one by one which wou
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